Ersties Gia Masturbation - 19 August 2020 (1080p/photo)

19-08-2020, 23:13
Ersties Gia Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Gia
Gia lives in Spain, and it’s obvious that she loves it there! She just can’t get enough of its landscape, ocean and food. Maybe that’s one of the reasons for the positivity that she brings into her first shoot with Ersties. And the other reasons? See for yourself! What should not be missed every morning? A shower and an orgasm, without a doubt. The Spanish beauty likes to spend her time exploring and experimenting with sex in every way possible. But what can be better than your own bed for the best sex adventures! There, Gia can decide what she wants … like riding like a cowgirl or putting cream on her perfect boobs to be licked up… Gia chose to be a part of our Intimate Moments series, which means she can decide what to show you … something we are very happy about! A video so close and intense like no other, what are you waiting for?
Ersties Gia Masturbation
Sex bomb and bookworm, Spanish girl Gia is very excited about her first video for Ersties. Her days always begin with a refreshing shower and a morning orgasm so that she never misses out!
Ersties Gia Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Being Curious with Gia
Gia loves to explore and try new things, either in finding new books or in her bedroom. The Spanish beauty has a very magnetic personality that is contagious, and not only while she’s cooking. There is a reason behind the many compliments she gets for her amazing body that Gia brings us VERY close to in her first shoot. Expect dildo action with a splashy surprise!
Ersties Gia Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Gia’s Favourite Place to Fuck
And by that we mean her bed… a place where she can do whatever she wants, however she wants. It’s only fitting that she has chosen this for her Intimate Moment, giving you a sneak peak of what she gets up to there on her own terms. Gia likes to spoil herself and definitely knows about her gorgeous curves and how to draw attention to them. Moving sensually on the bed, the brunette loves to experiment with her toys and her panties...
Ersties Gia Masturbation

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