AbbyWinters Jullie and Justina Lesbian - 28 April 2021 (1080p/photo)

30-04-2021, 15:22
AbbyWinters Jullie and Justina Lesbian
AbbyWinters Jullie and Justina Lesbian / Girl Girl Cunnilingus Jullie & Justina - 28 April 2021 (1080p/photo)
Jullie and Justina are playing Connect Four in bed, when they start teasing each other with their sock-covered feet, smiling brightly. From that playful start, things quickly heat up as Jullie sits on Justina’s lap and they share meaningful kisses. Squeezing Jullie’s ample bum, over her gym shorts, inspires Justina to eagerly tear off her friend’s clothes. Justina nibbles and pinches Jullie’s hard nipples, before removing her panties using her teeth. Spreading Jullie’s labia wide apart, Justina plunges two fingers deep inside.
AbbyWinters Jullie and Justina Lesbian AbbyWinters Jullie and Justina Lesbian AbbyWinters Jullie and Justina Lesbian
Justina is still wearing her summer dress, so Jullie pulls it down and cuddles her breasts while they make out. Justina bends over to be fingered hard in doggy, and presses her face against the wall as she moans. The girls explore facesitting and tribbing, then they each take turns laying back with their legs open to be eaten out. With her beautiful caramel complexion flushing pink, Jullie watches intensely between her legs, as Justina sucks her clit. Jullie then teasingly uses her own panties to blindfold Justina and lovingly licks her pussy to a blissful orgasm.
AbbyWinters Jullie and Justina Lesbian AbbyWinters Jullie and Justina Lesbian
Justina loses interest in the board game she’s playing with Jullie, distracted by her friend’s sheer top and cute ringlets of curly hair. They begin passionately making out while dry humping, as Justina lays on top in her dress, grinding against Jullie in her gym shorts. Bending Jullie over, Justina worships her bouncy bum, cuddling and kissing it all over. "I love your ass: it’s so juicy," she sighs. After vigorously stroking Jullie’s meaty labia, Justina devilishly stops just as her moans get insistent. "I’m gonna let you do that yet, I know you want to!" she exclaims. For the rest of the shoot, both girls nearly bring each other to climax, then hold off to make the pleasure extra-intense. They share deep finger penetration and sensual facesitting, before rubbing their clits together in an intimate closeup, while tribbing. But they deny each other's release, until Justina spreads Jullie’s legs and warmly tells her, "now you get what you want!" She lovingly sucks Jullie’s clit, making her entire body shudder, as she feels her long-awaited orgasm coming. Jullie reciprocates by going down on Justina’s hairy pussy, licking and stroking with a gentle rhythm. Justina flushes pink, as a wave of pleasure washes over her at last, and they fall asleep in each other’s arms, fulfilled and happy.
AbbyWinters Girl Girl Cunnilingus Jullie & Justina

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