AbbyWinters Ophelia D Solo - 29 April 2021 (1080p/photo)

1-05-2021, 16:32
AbbyWinters Ophelia D Solo
AbbyWinters Ophelia D Solo / Nude Girls Taking nude selfies Ophelia D - 29 April 2021 (1080p/photo)
Ophelia bends over a map of the world, with a bright smile, as her cleavage shows down her dress. The swell of her round breasts is visible from the side and her excited nipples poke through the fabric, so she quickly undresses and starts touching herself. After dropping her panties around her ankles, she manages to insert three fingers into her pussy, moaning at the intense sensation of being filled up.
AbbyWinters Ophelia D Solo AbbyWinters Ophelia D Solo AbbyWinters Ophelia D Solo
Ophelia bends over, in a flexible position, to masturbate, spreading her bum cheeks apart to expose her tight anus, as she strokes. Chasing multiple orgasms, she spritzes her meaty labia with oil, pleasuring herself standing up and teasing her clit with a vibrator. Once she’s satisfied, she decides to share how good she feels and takes out her phone to snap close-up photos of her pussy, with an irresistibly charming smile.
AbbyWinters Ophelia D Solo AbbyWinters Ophelia D Solo
Wearing an elegant long dress, Ophelia spreads out a map on the floor and discusses her passion for travelling and experiencing new cultures. "I love to book a place where I can be naked!" she confesses with a grin. She sensually pulls up the dress to show off her panties, and tugs it to the side so one hard nipple slips out. As she undresses and starts to touch herself, she shares her preference for open relationships. "I love to be with girls, and I love to see my boyfriends being with another girl," she explains. Ophelia bites her lip as she masturbates to the sweet memory of her first time with a girl, which was with her best friend. She gives herself multiple orgasms in several positions, plunging two fingers deep inside with one hand, and rubbing her meaty labia with the other, crying out as she’s overcome with pleasure. After she climaxes, she reveals her fun hobby of sending nude photos. "I love to excite people!" she exclaims with a happy giggle. "I like that they want me." As she uses her phone to take intimate close-ups while stroking her pussy, her face lights up with an absolutely sparkling smile.
AbbyWinters Ophelia D Solo

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