AbbyWinters Candice D and Zhen Lesbian - 5 May 2021 (1080p/photo)

7-05-2021, 18:38
AbbyWinters Candice D and Zhen Lesbian
AbbyWinters Candice D and Zhen Lesbian / Girl Girl Feet licking Candice D & Zhen - 5 May 2021 (1080p/photo)
Zhen’s efforts to rouse Candice from bed begin with a mug of tea, but she has more success with sweet kisses and squeezes of her firm bum, which is barely covered by her pyjama shorts. The girls delight in caressing each others’ equally small breasts over their tight tops before pulling them off, and then Zhen cheekily pulls down Candice’s pink panties with her teeth. Once Zhen is naked, she stands astride Candice to be deeply fingered, then sits on her face and becomes overwhelmed with pleasure from her friend’s tongue.
AbbyWinters Candice D and Zhen Lesbian AbbyWinters Candice D and Zhen Lesbian AbbyWinters Candice D and Zhen Lesbian
The girls try scissoring while wearing their sleep masks, and not being able to see each other heightens the sensation of their wet vulvas rubbing together. Zhen then cuddles Candice as the big spoon, nibbling her ear while fingering her to orgasm. In a sensual 69, both girls delight in lapping into their partner’s smooth shaved pussy, and Candice gets inspired to taste every inch of Zhen’s body. She licks her shoulder and tummy and all down her legs, finally sucking her toe. Zhen then drapes her glossy black hair all over Candice, and both girls giggle as they make out.
AbbyWinters Candice D and Zhen Lesbian AbbyWinters Candice D and Zhen Lesbian
Zhen attempts to wake Candice up by promising her a day full of fun. When that doesn’t quite work, she demonstrates what she has in mind, blindfolding Candice and inviting her to guess which body part she’s touching. By the time Candice happily tells Zhen, "I think here is your pussy!", she’s wide awake and ready to play. Both girls have graceful long legs on display in their little shorts, and perfect small breasts with hard nipples showing through their tank tops. But the cute outfits fall away quickly, so they can indulge in over an hour of passionate sex. Zhen drapes her long hair all over Candice’s body, making her quiver with excitement, before tugging her lacy panties to the side. They team up to stroke Candice’s clit until she has a breathy orgasm, which makes Zhen sigh sweetly. Candice then bends Zhen over to spread her dark labia and exclaims, "Your pussy is so pink inside! This is such a lovely contrast!” She lovingly pulls Zhen’s hair while fingering her deeply to a shuddering climax. That’s just the beginning of their joyful day of pleasure, which includes everything from blindfolded tribbing to toe-sucking, to a steamy 69, shot in intimate closeups filled with deep licking and happy moans.
AbbyWinters Candice D and Zhen Lesbian

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