AbbyWinters Juniper J. Solo - 13 May 2021 (1080p/photo)

15-05-2021, 15:21
AbbyWinters Juniper J. Solo
AbbyWinters Juniper J. Solo / Nude Girls Self pleasuring at the beach Juniper J - 13 May 2021 (1080p/photo)
Aussie Juniper arrives at the nude beach in a comfy sundress, but it doesn’t stay on for long. She gets into a little swimsuit that clings to her golden curves, then lifts the top over her head, revealing her lush breasts and hairy armpits. Rolling around on the beach, she pulls down her bikini bottoms when her bouncy bum gets covered with sand. She savours the liberating sensation of peeing outdoors and happily splashes in the water. Then she relaxes naked on her towel in a stylish hat, and sensually nibbles some strawberries.
AbbyWinters Juniper J. Solo AbbyWinters Juniper J. Solo AbbyWinters Juniper J. Solo
A few (clothed) people walk by in the distance, but Juniper is otherwise alone, so her hand naturally drifts between her legs. Her pussy is decorated with a sprinkle of soft blonde hair, which she parts to slip her fingers deep inside. She throws her head back in ecstasy as she strokes her clit, then uses a banana to masturbate. Juniper’s orgasm is photographed from a distance, creating a breathtaking tableau of sand, clouds, waves, and one gorgeous girl, naked in nature and overwhelmed with pleasure.
AbbyWinters Juniper J. Solo AbbyWinters Juniper J. Solo
It’s an overcast day in Australia, so curvaceous blonde Juniper has the nude beach almost all to herself. She briefly wears a tiny bikini, caressing her chest, so her large areolas pop out, and shares that being naked outdoors makes her feel connected to the Earth and herself. Then she strips down to joyfully frolic across the sand, and the sight of her soft breasts and peachy bum jiggling and bouncing with every step is irresistibly sexy. Framed by the sun struggling through the clouds, she has a quick pee and then giggles while splashing in the waves. "The water feels so beautiful on my pussy!” she sighs, before doing some naked yoga. Returning to her blanket, Juniper describes her trip to a tantra festival, where she made a group of friends whom she now lives with. They love having amazing sexual experiences together, including regular group masturbation circles. Talking about it inspires Juniper to touch herself, and she plunges her fingers deep into her pink pussy. Flushing bright red, she has several euphoric climaxes, accompanied by gushing squirts that splash the camera. "Wow, I haven’t squirted that much in so long!” she exclaims, shuddering with excitement. "I’m still getting the waves of my orgasm.” Deeply satisfied, she walks home naked into the sunset.
AbbyWinters Juniper J. Solo

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