AbbyWinters Myra Solo - 3 June 2021 (1080p/photo)

5-06-2021, 16:28
AbbyWinters Myra Solo
AbbyWinters Myra Solo / Nude Girls Natural redhead Myra - 3 June 2021 (1080p/photo)
Cheerful redhead Myra is drawing on the couch, wearing a boob tube top that exposes her midriff and a skirt which provides teasing glimpses of her panties. As she idly slips her pencil down her top, one of her rosy pink nipples slips out. Then she lets her skirt fall to the floor, but keeps her fingers interlaced in front of her crotch with a cheeky grin. When she moves them away, she reveals that her panties are see-through and her shaved vulva is clearly visible beneath them.
AbbyWinters Myra Solo AbbyWinters Myra Solo AbbyWinters Myra Solo
Myra indulges in a bit of her beauty routine, covering both her eyes and her nipples with cucumber slices, then rubbing moisturizer all over her naked body. She gets on her hands and knees to wrap herself in party streamers, draping one end between her bum cheeks before moving it to the side, to show off her pink anus. Myra rolls around the couch in a series of flexible positions with her legs wide open, and then stands up to be shot from below. As the camera looks up at her silky-smooth pussy and freckled face, Myra looks down at us with a dazzling smile.
AbbyWinters Nude Girls Natural redhead Myra AbbyWinters Nude Girls Natural redhead Myra
It isn’t just her sweet freckles and natural red hair that make 18-year-old Myra so captivating: she’s also hilarious. She reveals that her celebrity crush is Seth Rogen, and then demonstrates what she would say to him if he subscribes to Abby Winters. "My boyfriend is a big fan of you, so he’s down with whatever — and I mean whatever — you wanna do with me," she purrs in a mock-sultry tone that makes her laugh. Tugging her crop top up and down, Myra displays the comparative merits of underboob, overboob and sideboob. Then she lifts up her skirt to reveal that she’s wearing her favorite ruffled panties: "they’re really cute and they just give off fairy vibes." When she’s naked, Myra opens her legs to show off her immaculate shaved vulva and describes how happy it made her to watch her boyfriend get aroused by looking at her previous shoot. Laying on the bed next to her pet cat, she lifts her legs in the air and announces, "This is going to be Myra’s guide on how to eat pussy properly." Then she looks over at the curious kitty and giggles, "don't worry, I’m not talking about you." She goes on to provide some excellent oral sex advice, using her own neat vagina as a visual aid.
AbbyWinters Myra Solo

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ComfortZone 5 June 2021 21:31
Thank you for the Abby Winters update. Let us see what this young lovely redhead has in store today.
Irishka 8 June 2021 22:23
I would lick this red-haired Mura's pussy stuck_out_tongue
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