AbbyWinters Senja Solo - 6 June 2021 (1080p/photo)

8-06-2021, 14:35
AbbyWinters Senja Solo
AbbyWinters Senja Solo / Nude Girls Inserting dildos Senja - 6 June 2021 (1080p/photo)
Senja lifts up her t-shirt to reveal her cute bra printed with little flowers, then takes it off to put on a crocheted boob tube top. She gets on her hands and knees to peel off her yoga pants, uncovering thong panties nestled between her bum cheeks. She rests her head on her hand while flashing a dimpled grin, and her long blonde hair falls around her shoulders. She then proceeds to strip off the rest of her clothes, standing nude to show off her slender figure, small breasts, and perfectly shaved pussy.
AbbyWinters Senja Solo AbbyWinters Senja Solo AbbyWinters Senja Solo
Senja displays her flexibility by doing the splits in between two beds and stretching one of her long legs high into the air. Then she holds up two sex toys with an excited smile, and starts masturbating with a pink vibrator. While it's inside her pussy, she sucks the tip of a large rubber dildo, and then inserts that one instead. As she takes it deep into her pussy, her fair skin glows pink, while she moans with her eyes closed and her mouth open. When she's ready to orgasm, she puts the toy on the floor and rides it until she cries out, overwhelmed with pleasure.
AbbyWinters Senja Solo AbbyWinters Senja Solo
Fair-skinned blonde Senja loves making her own clothes, and proudly shows us her latest creation: a crocheted pink halter top. She takes off her t-shirt and bra to model it, and her perky nipples poke through. Standing topless, she shares that she fell in love for the first time half a year ago. "It was a guy with whom I'm still together... and we're happily married" she reveals, removing her last item of clothing and giggling, "so happy that I jump out of my panties!" To put her gymnastics training to use, she does splits and pulls her legs almost behind her head, displaying her flexibility and her smooth shaved pussy. Laying on her stomach and flexing her bum, Senja explains that she doesn’t masturbate often, thanks to her husband: "we have sex three or four times a day, so I don't really need it." She makes an exception for the shoot, first inserting a small pink toy while bending over, then riding a thick dildo while rubbing her clit to a shuddering climax. In the afterglow, she reveals that being on camera greatly enhanced her pleasure: "I think this act of masturbation has been one of the hottest in my life!"
AbbyWinters Senja Solo

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