AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo - 10 June 2021 (1080p)

13-06-2021, 02:41
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo / Nude Girls Deeply inserting fingers Josephine A - 10 June 2021 (1080p)
Josephine puts her hair clip on her t-shirt and uses it to playfully tug at the fabric, smirking as the bottom of her breasts come into view. Bending over in her plaid schoolgirl skirt, she flashes a hint of her bum, then hikes it up to show off her panties. She lays on the floor with her legs wide open, then pulls her purple underwear to the side and inserts two fingers into her pussy. With mouth agape, she savours the intense feeling of deep penetration.
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo
Josephine stands up to continue masturbating, while casting knowing glances into the camera, then experiments with slipping a tube of lip balm into her vagina. She keeps stroking, while getting on all fours with her bum in the air, presses her flushed face to the floor and cries out with orgasmic release. In the afterglow, she puts on a flowing dress and starts playing with it, so that it doesn’t cover anything. With a warm smile, she pulls down the top part to reveal her perky nipples, and lifts the hem to show off her satisfied pussy.
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo
Cheerful Frenchwoman Josephine is learning the harmonica, and she plays a tune for us while her nipples show through her t-shirt. She sits with her legs akimbo in her short tartan skirt, giving a peek at her panties. "I feel sexy in this skirt!” she exclaims. "I feel like I’m a bit late and I might get spanked by my teacher.” She hikes up her top, revealing her perky nipples, and slips her hand between her legs. That’s where it stays for the rest of the video, even during some naked yoga. "I feel like I’m getting strong, as well as giving myself pleasure,” she sighs, balancing herself on one hand while the other is deep in her pussy. Josephine keeps rubbing her wet labia while telling the captivating story of a wild night out with a girl she was dating, where they passionately made out on the dance floor while everyone watched them in awe. She shares her philosophy that everyone should masturbate more often to relieve stress, and that women have an advantage. "When you have a pussy, it can last for hours and hours!” she sighs with a giggle. "Sorry guys!” Getting on all fours, Josephine strokes herself to a blissful orgasm, looking deep into the camera, as she’s overcome with pleasure.
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo

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