AbbyWinters Candice D & Ophelia D Lesbian - 16 June 2021 (1080p/photo)

18-06-2021, 17:02
AbbyWinters Candice D and Ophelia D Lesbian
AbbyWinters Candice D and Ophelia D Lesbian / Girl Girl Passionate kissing Candice D & Ophelia D - 16 June 2021 (1080p/photo)
Candice is doing yoga in a halter top and gym shorts, until Ophelia playfully distracts her and gives her sweet kisses, offering to help Candice work out. But her hands quickly move from giving support to squeezing her friend’s round bum, and stroking between her legs. Candice lies on the floor and uses the tiny toes on her bare feet to lift up Ophelia’s colourful dress, then tug her panties to the side to uncover her hairy pussy. Once they’re both naked, Candice reclines in a wicker chair and lifts her legs in the air. She excitedly looks down at Ophelia’s face between her legs, lapping into her smooth shaved vulva.
AbbyWinters Candice D and Ophelia D Lesbian AbbyWinters Candice D and Ophelia D Lesbian AbbyWinters Candice D and Ophelia D Lesbian
When it’s Ophelia’s turn to receive, she lays down and puts her legs behind her head, a flexible position that lets Candice ravish her. She inserts three fingers deep inside, making Ophelia’s eyes light up with pleasure. Then Candice starts lovingly eating her out, making her pussy glisten with saliva. The girls get up to sit side by side as Ophelia also puts three fingers into Candice, while enjoying the feeling of her friend’s toes rubbing against her nipples and between her legs. In the afterglow, the girls cuddle and kiss with warm smiles.
AbbyWinters Candice D and Ophelia D Lesbian AbbyWinters Candice D and Ophelia D Lesbian
Candice’s yoga session is interrupted when mischievous Ophelia caresses her with a brush, letting her know she’s interested in other activities. After some steamy kisses, Ophelia hikes up her dress and pulls down Candice’s tight shorts, sighing as she feels her friend’s bouncy bum rubbing against her panties. "See, you can still do your exercise!" she giggles. The girls make out while eagerly undressing, and Candice uses her yoga flexibility to spread her legs in a swing chair. Ophelia uses a gentle rhythm to penetrate her pink pussy with two fingers while passionately sucking her clit, as Candice's slender body tenses with an orgasmic moan. Candice decides that Ophelia should also do yoga, and has her lay with her legs behind her head. With her hairy pussy open and ready for whatever Candice has in mind, Ophelia happily declares, "I’m working out and getting pleasure at the same time!" First, Candice vigorously rubs Ophelia’s clit with her thumb to an intense climax filmed in an intimate closeup. Then, Ophelia masturbates herself while Candice fills her pussy with three fingers, giving her a sensual burst of pleasure. The girls explore more creative positions, including an exciting new sensation for Ophelia from her friend’s talented toes. "Your first foot orgasm!" Candice exclaims, as Ophelia gratefully beams at her.
AbbyWinters Candice D & Ophelia D Lesbian

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