AbbyWinters Daniela D. Solo - 17 June 2021 (1080p/photo)

19-06-2021, 16:01
AbbyWinters Daniela D Solo
AbbyWinters Daniela D. Solo / Nude Girls Playing with fire Daniela D - 17 June 2021 (1080p/photo)
Daniela has just gotten braces, and she’s excited to show off the sparkling metal that lights up her smile. She beams into her camera while taking selfies, then cheekily lifts up her skirt to get some shots of her panties, and orange fishnet stockings. When she takes off her top, the outline of her large areolas are visible under the bra, and she stands up to twirl a rainbow-coloured umbrella. She tugs her panties to the side, to show off her fuzzy pubic hair, then reclines naked on the bed and opens her legs with a smile.
AbbyWinters Daniela D Solo AbbyWinters Daniela D Solo AbbyWinters Daniela D Solo
Daniela lights a candle and turns it upside down, bracing herself as hot wax drips sensually over her voluptuous breasts. The wax quickly hardens, covering her nude body with artistic patterns that she peels off. Then, she wraps herself with red tape, using it to bind her chest and tie up her legs. Getting into flexible positions with her bare feet high in the air, she shares intimate views of her pussy while playfully sticking out her tongue.
AbbyWinters Daniela D Solo AbbyWinters Daniela D Solo
"This angle is so cool: my boobs look enormous!" Daniela exclaims, snapping a selfie pointing at her bra through her sheer top. As she undresses, she stretches her orange fishnet stockings over her lingerie and giggles that she looks like a carrot. Her outfit came from a thrift store, and she recalls that she made out with her girlfriend in the changing room, while shopping. Once she’s naked, she jiggles her breasts from side to side, and drips hot candle wax all over her nude body. "It’s very aesthetically pleasing," she sighs, happily taking photos of the swirling wax patterns on her nipples, and between her spread legs. Daniela loves the way her new braces make her smile glisten with silver, and she describes how some partners love running their tongues over them, while kissing. She brings out a roll of bright red tape and wraps it around her breasts and binds her feet to her thighs. She confesses that she enjoys the kinky feeling of being restrained: she does it to herself while masturbating, and fantasizes about her girlfriend taping her to the bed, and playing with her. Doing stretches, Daniela admires how nice the moves make her pussy look: "You have everything on display here, with access to all the intimate parts!"
AbbyWinters Daniela D. Solo

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