AbbyWinters Ayesha & Flo Lesbian - 30 June 2021 (1080p/photo)

2-07-2021, 15:43
AbbyWinters Ayesha & Flo Lesbian
AbbyWinters Ayesha and Flo Lesbian / Girl Girl Cunnilingus in a sex swing Ayesha & Flo - 30 June 2021 (1080p/photo)
Ayesha sits on Flo’s lap and pulls down her top to caress her hard nipples as they passionately make out. When Ayesha stands up, her bum cheeks are barely contained by denim shorts, and Flo excitedly pulls them down to squeeze her bouncy bottom. Ayesha puts one foot on the bed, so Flo can undo her leotard and sensually lap into her hairy pussy. Ayesha then returns the favour, as Flo lays back and opens her legs. The dark Pakistani complexion of Ayesha’s beautiful face forms a striking contrast with Flo’s pale thighs.
AbbyWinters Ayesha & Flo Lesbian AbbyWinters Ayesha & Flo Lesbian AbbyWinters Ayesha & Flo Lesbian
The sweet interracial couple then moves over to Flo’s sex swing, and take turns reclining in it, and being ravished. First, Ayesha puts her legs in the air and watches intently as Flo’s tongue glides up and down her labia. When Flo’s fingers disappear deep inside her, Ayesha tenses with pleasure and gives her grateful kisses. Flo then takes her place in the swing, and Ayesha lovingly sucks her clit and strokes her pink pussy to an intense orgasm. Exhausted and happy, the girls curl up on the floor in a warm embrace.
AbbyWinters Ayesha & Flo Lesbian AbbyWinters Ayesha & Flo Lesbian
Ayesha loves being an Abby Winters model so much that she invited her real-life friend Flo to join the fun, and their joy at sharing pleasure together makes this shoot glow. Ayesha attempt to distract Flo from her reading, resulting in her getting playfully spanked on her tight shorts, before the girls indulge in deep deep kisses. Flo kneels to unsnap the buttons on Ayesha’s leotard between her legs, and sensually swirls her tongue around her friend’s dark labia. Ayesha reciprocates by bending Flo over and eating her out from behind, before things really heat up in a sex swing. Ayesha reclines with her legs up, as Flo passionately goes down on her, giving her a blissful orgasm, then keeps sucking until Ayesha moans with an even more intense second climax. After steamy tribbing and a passionate 69, Flo takes her place in the swing and Ayesha showers her whole body with kisses. "There’s another part you have to worship," Flo giggles, guiding her gorgeous South Asian friend's face to her pussy. Ayesha is committed to giving Flo as much pleasure as possible, licking and stroking her meaty labia to make her cry out in ecstasy. "I love your devotion! I felt like you really wanted to please me and be a good girl for me," Flo sighs afterward, and Ayesha happily snuggles her.
AbbyWinters Ayesha & Flo Lesbian

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