AbbyWinters Justina Solo - 1 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

3-07-2021, 17:01
AbbyWinters Justina Solo
AbbyWinters Justina Solo / Nude Girls Playing with see-through bra Justina - 1 July 2021 (1080p/photo)
Justina looks radiant in her brightly-coloured dress, and the playful glint in her eyes suggests the fun ideas she has for the shoot. She begins doing leg lifts that provide teasing upskirt peeks, then lowers her dress to uncover a stylish see-through bra adorned with straps and little bows. She uses a wire head massager to caress her scalp and her firm breasts, then pulls her lacy panties to the side to start touching herself with her fingers and a thick dildo. As her hairy pussy grips the toy, she looks into the camera with a friendly smile.
AbbyWinters Justina Solo AbbyWinters Justina Solo AbbyWinters Justina Solo
Standing in the nude, Justina lovingly tugs at her lustrous pubic hair, then bends over and draws a smiley face on her round bum with body cream. Continuing to work out while masturbating, she plays with her clothes, attaching her bra strap to the toy and pulling it with her teeth. With the vibrator still inside her, she dances naked and twirls party decorations, making her silky brunette hair bounce. At last, she lays back and opens her legs to focus on her pleasure, closing her eyes tight as she feels the vibrations bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.
AbbyWinters Justina Solo AbbyWinters Justina Solo
In her short summer dress decorated with lemons, Justina amiably explains that she’s the designated party planner among her friends, and loves picking the perfect theme to make people happy. Unlike many girls, she loves wearing bras, and shows off the elegant one she has on, while playing with crepe paper decorations. Clothes are never as fun as what’s underneath them, so she uncovers her pert nipples and declares, "boobs are super-fun! They’re my favorite part of the female body." Slipping a finger into her hairy pussy, she tells a sexy story about arriving for a date without panties, and teasing the guy with peeks all night. Justina pushes an orange dildo deep inside herself, and playfully dangles the decoration from it while thrusting her hips, then reveals something special about her body. "My pussy is pretty wet, and has a lot of white liquid that sometimes looks like cum," she explains, adding that her partners find it very arousing. While continuing to masturbate with the toy, she does some leg stretches with her resistance band, combining exercise and pleasure. After touching herself for nearly 45 minutes, she’s more than ready to orgasm. She places the vibrator on her clit and cries out with release, a bright smile lighting up her face as she moans.
AbbyWinters Justina Solo

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