AbbyWinters Danna & Runa - Intimate Moments - 5 July 2021 (1080p)

5-07-2021, 15:11
AbbyWinters Danna & Runa - Intimate Moments
AbbyWinters Danna and Runa - Intimate Moments / Masturbation Naked yoga with a friend Danna & Runa - 5 July 2021 (1080p)
Danna and Runa work on their yoga flexibility, bending over at the waist while their friend pushes down on their back. They get ready to do headstands together, but decide it would be more fun if they're only wearing their cotton panties. Danna unties her dress and is enthralled as Runa peels her tank top from her curvy figure. "Your tits are big! Mine are little," Danna giggles, and Runa replies that she'd love to have smaller boobs. Balanced upside down on their hands, their soft bums touch, and when they sit back down, Danna takes things to the next level by asking, "how do you masturbate normally?" Runa explains that she likes the tingly sensation of putting ginger on her vulva, and Danna looks both confused and intrigued. They don't have spices handy, so they just open their legs and touch themselves, as sticky sounds fill the air. "Can I look?" Danna shyly asks, gesturing toward Runa's hairy pussy. "Yes, of course, always!" Runa replies, and the sweet invitation makes Danna glow with arousal as she watches. The girls hold hands and caress each other's warm thighs, stroking to blissful orgasms that leave them contentedly resting their heads together. "Do you want some ginger tea?" Runa asks, and they break up with laughter.
AbbyWinters Danna & Runa - Intimate Moments

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