AbbyWinters Anca & Zuzanna Lesbian - 7 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

9-07-2021, 16:09
AbbyWinters Anca & Zuzanna - Lesbian
AbbyWinters Anca and Zuzanna Lesbian / Girl Girl Deep fingering Anca & Zuzanna - 7 July 2021 (1080p/photo)
Zuzanna is quietly reading on the couch in her short summer dress, and Anca playfully sneaks up behind her, with her socks on her hands. She starts caressing Zuzanna’s chest, then curls up in her lap, so they can share sweet kisses. Anca pulls Zuzanna’s dress over her head and sucks the nipples on her tan lined breasts while making sensual eye contact, and the girls are off to the races. Zuzanna goes down on Anca, making her cry out with pleasure, and they move into a hot 69, so they can taste each other’s shaved pussies.
AbbyWinters Anca & Zuzanna - Lesbian AbbyWinters Anca & Zuzanna - Lesbian AbbyWinters Anca & Zuzanna - Lesbian
Zuzanna bends Anca over and penetrates her with one finger, as Anca shuts her eyes tight to concentrate on how good it feels. Some steamy tribbing makes both girls moan and throw their heads back, as they grind their smooth vulvas together. Zuzanna gets the final orgasm, as she stands up with one foot on the couch and Anca kneels on a pillow before her, lovingly lapping her pussy. Anca’s eyes glow as she looks up to admire how much pleasure her tongue is giving Zuzanna, who squeezes her breasts while climaxing. Afterwards, the girls hold each other in a gentle embrace, with Anca resting her head on Zuzanna’s shoulder.
AbbyWinters Anca & Zuzanna - Lesbian AbbyWinters Anca & Zuzanna - Lesbian
Anca distracts Zuzanna from her book by crawling into her lap and lavishing her with sweet compliments and soft kisses. Eager to discover each other’s bodies, Anca lifts up Zuzanna’s dress to suck her nipples, and Zuzanna slips her hand down Anca’s lacy red panties. Once they’re naked, Anca makes an irresistible request. "I want to taste you so much," she exclaims as Zuzanna gets into the 69 position. "Oh my God, your pussy is so beautiful!" The girls swirl their tongues around each other’s smooth labia, moaning softly. Zuzanna tells Anca she tastes like light milk, and Anca happily replies that Zuzanna reminds her of oolong tea. Anca gets on all fours so Zuzanna can lovingly penetrate her from behind, first with one finger, and then with two. Anca touches herself while looking back to admire her friend’s commitment to giving her pleasure, which makes her cry out with an intense climax. The girls take turns going down on each other, licking and sucking with lots of saliva, before Zuzanna stands up, so Anca can worship her pussy. She slips one finger inside and rubs the clit with her thumb, and Zuzanna’s knees go weak with orgasmic release. As they cuddle in the afterglow, Anca sighs, "Thank you for a great time! You’re amazing, sweetheart!"
AbbyWinters Anca & Zuzanna Lesbian

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