AbbyWinters Chelsea K. Solo - 8 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

10-07-2021, 14:42
AbbyWinters Chelsea K. Solo
AbbyWinters Chelsea K. Solo / Nude Girls Masturbating in the bathtub Chelsea K - 8 July 2021 (1080p/photo)
Chelsea bends over to draw a bath in only a white top and thong panties, which show off her round bum. She sinks into the warm water, while still dressed, and her clothes instantly become see-through, revealing her large breasts. She takes off her clothes to begin washing, rubbing the sudsy water into her ample bush, which becomes matted when it’s soaking wet. Covering her chest and pussy with foam, she smiles as she looks down at her makeshift soap bikini.
AbbyWinters Chelsea K. Solo AbbyWinters Chelsea K. Solo AbbyWinters Chelsea K. Solo
Chelsea bends over in the tub and spreads her bum cheeks with her hands, revealing the delicate folds of her labia. Then she relaxes with her legs wide open and turns on the faucet, pointing a stream of water directly at her sensitive clit. Her whole body tenses as she enjoys the unique form of pleasure. After her orgasm, she has a satisfying pee in the tub, and smells her fingers after it gets on her hands. After she rinses off, she dries every inch of her curves with a towel, then wraps it around her long hair and heads off to face the day.
AbbyWinters Chelsea K. Solo AbbyWinters Chelsea K. Solo
Chelsea prepares for a relaxing bubble bath by brushing her long hair, which stretches nearly to her bottom. Wearing a tight white top and thong panties, she eases into the warm water. Her clothes instantly become transparent, the large areolas on her voluptuous breasts as visible as if she were wearing nothing. She playfully tugs the fabric and watches it get sucked back skin tight against her soft curves, then strips naked and begins scrubbing her body with foam. Her boobs, her round bum, her soft bare feet and the lush hair on her armpits and pussy are lovingly rubbed, making her squeaky clean. There’s a camera underwater so we can enjoy Chelsea’s bath from every angle. When she’s done washing, she lays back with her legs open and unleashes a stream of pee. It splashes back on her tummy, so she gets some on her hands and inhales the sweet smell. Then she turns on the faucet, focusing a gentle stream of water on her clit, and it’s beautiful to watch her reach an intense orgasm without ever touching her hairy pussy. After peeing again, she rinses off and wraps herself in a towel, living up to the promise in her note: "I will be a super-sexy mermaid!"
AbbyWinters Chelsea K. Solo

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