AbbyWinters Lian Solo - 22 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

24-07-2021, 14:44
AbbyWinters Lian Solo
AbbyWinters Lian Solo / Nude Girls Pulling labia apart Lian - 22 July 2021 (1080p/photo)
Flashing a sly grin, Lian delights in teasing us with tantalizing hints of her body. She lifts her skirt ever so slightly to provide a glimpse of her underwear, then tugs down one side of her top, while covering her nipple with her finger. She paints her toenails black and takes some photos of her soft bare feet, then decides to show us everything at last. Proudly topless, she rubs some lotion onto her perfect small breasts, before lifting her legs in the air and pulling her panties around her ankles.
AbbyWinters Lian Solo AbbyWinters Lian Solo AbbyWinters Lian Solo
Lian's fluffy bush grows outward in all directions, and she attempts to tame it by running a comb through the long black hair. Looking into the camera with an inviting smile, she opens her legs and uses her fingers to gently part her labia. As she cheerfully reveals the pink wetness of her vulva, she rubs little circles on her clit, biting her lip at the intense sensation. Naked except for her glasses, she looks delighted to be sharing with us all the most intimate parts of her body.
AbbyWinters Lian Solo AbbyWinters Lian Solo
Lian has enjoyed shooting with Abby Winters so much that she’s going to recommend the experience to her friends. "Explicit modeling is a great way to explore your own body, and be in touch with your body and love it more!" she declares happily. Her joy at taking off her clothes makes the video glow: her eyes are glittering behind her glasses, as she shares more of herself. Her sparkly gold top falls away first, so she can massage lotion onto her tiny breasts. Then she peels her silky panties off and down around her ankles, then slowly spreads her meaty labia apart, to reveal how wet she is. Doing some nude yoga, Lian tells a sexy story about the time she was studying in Russia and a guy from Tinder flew from France for a week just to see her, leading her to skip all her classes. "We definitely had more sex than whatever is healthy for a week's time, but no regrets!" she giggles. While she hasn’t yet had any experiences with girls, Lian reveals that she and a bisexual female friend, who lives on another continent, have been nursing a mutual long-distance crush. "I kind of wanna have sex with her, and try her oral skills, and have her try mine," she sighs dreamily, while rubbing her clit.
Nude Girls Pulling labia apart Lian

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