AbbyWinters Flo & Justina - Lesbian - 28 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

30-07-2021, 15:25
AbbyWinters Flo & Justina - Lesbian
AbbyWinters Flo and Justina - Lesbian / Girl Girl Hairy pussy eating Flo & Justina - 28 July 2021 (1080p/photo)
Flo and Justina joyfully giggle as their stretching routine swiftly melts into a steamy makeout session. It doesn't take long for Flo to strip off her friend's comfy dress and pull down her panties, and her eyes light up as she spreads Justina's labia and admires the pinkness inside. Realizing that she is fully nude while Flo still has all her clothes on, Justina quickly rectifies that, and the girls share some intense tribbing, making sure their clits rub directly against each other.
AbbyWinters Flo & Justina - Lesbian AbbyWinters Flo & Justina - Lesbian AbbyWinters Flo & Justina - Lesbian
Justina invites Flo to sit on her face and, as she savours the feeling of her friend's warm tongue swirling around her vulva, Flo wants to give pleasure as well. She creatively rubs her foot against Justina's pussy and between her breasts, which makes them both laugh, before they take turns passionately going down on each other. Fuzzy pubic hair is parted to allow for deep penetration with fingers, meaty labia glisten with saliva as they are gently tugged with mouths, as both girls flush pink with blissful orgasms, and fall asleep in each other's arms.
AbbyWinters Flo & Justina - Lesbian AbbyWinters Flo & Justina - Lesbian
While playfully stretching with a resistance band, Flo decides to use it to pull Justina close, so they can share deep kisses. Flo takes the lead in undressing her friend, sucking her soft breasts and lifting up her dress to caress her over see-through pink panties. Soon Justina is naked and bent over the couch, while Flo, still fully dressed, gives her ardent spanks and declares "I love your butt!" Justina eagerly pulls down Flo's bustier and rubs their nipples together, then alternates between making out with Flo and licking her hairy armpits. "Such salty kisses!" Flo happily declares, before Justina nestles her face between her legs, lapping her sensitive clit. The girls have beautifully similar pussies, their fleshy vulvas decorated with fluffy hair, so they know what will feel amazing for their partner. Justina lies on the floor with her legs up, so Flo can gently tug her labia with her mouth and plunge her fingers inside, as Justina squeezes her hand and moans with ecstasy. Flo then revels in Justina's passionate pussy eating technique, the nibbling and sucking filmed in intimate closeups until Flo's toned tummy tenses with orgasmic release. "Thank you so much!" she gratefully cries, wrapping her legs around Justina in a warm embrace.
AbbyWinters Flo and Justina - Lesbian

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