AbbyWinters Elysa & Runa - Intimate Moments - 2 August 2021 (1080p)

2-08-2021, 15:26
AbbyWinters Elysa & Runa - Intimate Moments
AbbyWinters Elysa and Runa - Intimate Moments / Masturbation With a friend Elysa & Runa - 2 August 2021 (1080p)
As Elysa and Runa read sexy mangas and give each other foot massages, the conversation naturally turns to how they like to masturbate. Runa shares that she loves the tingly sensation of putting ginger on her clit, and in response to Elysa's expression of disbelief, she whips off her tight shorts and panties at the same time to demonstrate. Elysa looks enchanted as Runa rubs the spice into her hairy pussy. While she's not adventurous enough to try the ginger, Elysa excitedly gets undressed to touch herself. Runa is delighted to discover the beautiful freckles covering Elysa's entire body. "You're like a leopard!" she declares, making them both giggle. With her fingers deep in her pussy, Elysa's eyes widen when she sees Runa's voluptuous breasts, then she focuses her gaze between her friend's legs. As Runa strokes her vulva, lost in her own little world of pleasure, Elysa eagerly masturbates to her. Runa reaches orgasm first, and her intense cries push Elysa over the edge soon after. Catching their breath with their legs open, girls compliment each other on their cute moans, and reflect that the experience was educational as well as arousing. "It's cool to see how another person masturbates: you learn new things!" Elysa exclaims, and Runa happily nods in agreement.
AbbyWinters Elysa & Runa - Intimate Moments

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