AbbyWinters Danna & Ophelia D. Lesbian - 4 August 2021 (1080p/photo)

6-08-2021, 19:36
AbbyWinters Danna & Ophelia D. Lesbian
AbbyWinters Danna & Ophelia D. Lesbian / Girl Girl Deep fingering Danna & Ophelia D - 4 August 2021 (1080p/photo)
Danna and Ophelia get cozy on the couch and, as they point out fun locations on a globe, they gently interlace their fingers and start kissing. Ophelia slips her hand down Danna's tank top to cuddle her breasts, and Danna starts licking Ophelia's lacy bra. Once they're topless, they suck each other's nipples in a creative boob 69. Ophelia cheekily uses her teeth to tear apart Danna's yellow tights, exposing her bouncy bum, then turns around to get on all fours moaning, as Danna penetrates her with her thumb.
AbbyWinters Danna & Ophelia D. Lesbian AbbyWinters Danna & Ophelia D. Lesbian AbbyWinters Danna & Ophelia D. Lesbian
When Danna lays back with her legs open, Ophelia plunges her fingers deep into her smooth shaved pussy. She looks thrilled as her hands get covered with Danna's sticky girlcum, and keeps massaging the g-spot to bring on a blissful orgasm. After the girls slot their legs to scissor their meaty vulvas together, Danna eagerly invites Ophelia to sit on her face. As she sensually glides her tongue up and down Ophelia's hairy pussy, she looks up to admire the intense pleasure that floods her friend's face, as she reaches an intense climax.
AbbyWinters Danna & Ophelia D. Lesbian AbbyWinters Danna & Ophelia D. Lesbian
Sultry Ophelia gets right to the point, as her before interview with Danna gets underway: "I can't wait to taste you!" After an introduction like that, the girls are so excited that they only briefly point out their dream travel destinations on a globe, before tearing each other's clothes off. The tearing is quite literal for Ophelia, who cuts Danna's tights with scissors and rips them apart to go down on her, in 69. Meanwhile, Danna tugs Ophelia's panties to the side and laps into her vulva. Eagerly stripping off Ophelia's romper, Danna bends her over to insert a thumb in her vagina. As her peachy bum bounces, Ophelia cries out with orgasmic ecstasy. With the hole in her tights now big enough to expose her shaved pussy, Danna spreads her legs to get absolutely ravished. Ophelia lovingly swirls her tongue around Danna's clit and vigorously penetrates her with two fingers, which quickly become drenched in creamy girlcum. The white fluid drips down Danna's inner thigh, as she furrows her brow and moans to an intense climax. Ophelia delightedly admires her friend's pleasure, then eagerly climbs on Danna's face and begins working her hips. After she grinds her clit on Danna's tongue and shudders with blissful release, the girls embrace and sensually make out.
AbbyWinters Danna & Ophelia D. Lesbian

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