AbbyWinters Tori Solo - 5 August 2021 (1080p/photo)

7-08-2021, 14:58
AbbyWinters Tori Solo
AbbyWinters Tori Solo / Nude Girls Hairy armpits Tori - 5 August 2021 (1080p/photo)
Running her hands through her curly hair, Tori lounges in bed while giving us upskirt peeks at her bum. After she strips off her top to uncover her firm breasts, she reaches up to grip her bed frame and shows off her soft armpit hair. When she drops her thong panties around her ankles, she picks them up to happily display the wet patch that built up on them, between her legs. Standing in the nude with her arms folded across her chest, she glows with a confident smile.
AbbyWinters Tori Solo AbbyWinters Tori Solo AbbyWinters Tori Solo
After Tori spreads her legs and fluffs her pubic hair, it becomes clear that she adores looking at her pussy just as much as we do, if not more. She sets up a mirror on the bed and gently tugs her dark labia wide apart, admiring the reflection of her exposed clit and pink wetness, then snaps a photo to immortalize the intimate view. After playfully licking her toes and getting on all fours with a sensual look over her shoulder, Tori settles in to masturbate. With her eyes shut tight as her arousal builds, she squeezes her nipples, beautifully lost in pleasure.
AbbyWinters Tori Solo AbbyWinters Tori Solo
It's a chilly day in Melbourne and, as Aussie Tori bikes around her neighbourhood, the breeze makes her nipples harden and blows up her skirt to reveal her cotton panties. In the warmth of her bedroom, she shares how happy it made her to read the positive comments on her first Abby Winters shoot. "I felt so loved!" she exclaims, unbuttoning her top to free her perky breasts. "It turns me on knowing that other people are turned on by my photos." Tori adores her beautiful hair: the wavy fringe on her head, the downy patches in her armpits, and especially her fuzzy bush. "It looks amazing: I think I've got a great set of hair down here!" she proudly declares, tugging her panties to the side. While doing naked yoga, Tori tells an abundance of sexy stories. She has more tan lines on her bum, because she always swims topless. She loves receiving anal and fisting from her boyfriend, and she recently made love to one of her dearest female friends, after they confessed their mutual crush. "I would definitely love to explore some more sexual experiences with women, because they're just so beautiful!" she sighs. Using both hands to lovingly rub her sensitive clit, Tori masturbates to a satisfying orgasm.
AbbyWinters Tori Solo

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