AbbyWinters Gabriella S & Rylee Intimate Moments - 9 August 2021 (1080p)

9-08-2021, 15:10
AbbyWinters Gabriella S & Rylee Intimate Moments
AbbyWinters Gabriella S & Rylee Intimate Moments / Masturbation Watching eachother Gabriella S & Rylee - 9 August 2021 (1080p)
"I love feet!" Gabriella exclaims. She discovers that she has met a kindred soul when Rylee nods enthusiastically and replies, "they do so much for us!" "They sure do, they need looking after," Gabriella declares. The girls proceed to do just that, exchanging sensual foot massages by rubbing aromatic oil into each other's bare soles and interlacing fingers with toes. "You're slowly turning me on," Gabriella giggles, so they demonstrate their humping technique next, grinding against each other's warm thighs in their dresses. Totally aroused, the girls get naked and open their legs, while talking about how they like to masturbate. They're delighted to learn that they both often do it up to three times a day, and Gabriella shares that she’s amassed a collection of fun toys from the sex shop where she works, thanks to her employee discount. They admire each other's hairy pussies as they lovingly rub their clits, and Rylee reaches orgasm first, crying out with intense pleasure. Then she snuggles up next to Gabriella, who is still masturbating. The feeling of her new friend's head sweetly resting her head on her shoulder pushes Gabriella over the edge, and she moans to a blissful release.
AbbyWinters Gabriella S & Rylee Intimate Moments

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