AbbyWinters Paulina Solo - 12 August 2021 (1080p/photo)

14-08-2021, 15:07
AbbyWinters Paulina Solo
AbbyWinters Paulina Solo / Nude Girls Sexy yoga Paulina - 12 August 2021 (1080p/photo)
With her skintight yoga pants clinging to her round bottom, Paulina leans back to bend her body over her exercise ball, warming up for some intense stretching. She lifts up her halter top to free her perfect breasts, then puts her hands on her head to show off her armpit hair while flashing a megawatt smile. Stripping down to a pair of green cotton panties, that cannot contain her luxurious full bush, she grabs her bare feet and flexes her strong legs. Soon she decides that to enjoy her workout to the fullest, she needs to be completely nude.
AbbyWinters Paulina Solo AbbyWinters Paulina Solo AbbyWinters Paulina Solo
Laying on her tummy, on the floor, Paulina arches her back into a flexible yoga pose, which makes her bum look fantastic, as she gazes over her shoulder. She stands up and bends over at the waist, revealing her tight anus, then gets into a handstand and spreads her legs wide apart. While she’s upside down, the camera captures a uniquely beautiful perspective of her pussy, and the way fluffy dark hair adorns her pink vulva. Sitting down on the floor, Paulina tangles up her top to tie up her breasts, while laughing playfully.
AbbyWinters Paulina Solo AbbyWinters Paulina Solo
Paulina is excited for her first Abby Winters shoot in two years, and she explains that during her absence she practiced yoga every day to build her muscles and get even more flexible. Her nipples poke through her tight top, as she bounces on her exercise ball, and she shares that her workout routine keeps her firm breasts very perky. "I never need a bra" she happily declares, stripping off her shirt so we can see for ourselves. Hooking her fingers in her toes, she stretches her powerful legs in her skintight pants, then peels them off to reveal the fuzzy hair spilling from her panties. Fully nude, Paulina gets on the floor to demonstrate an array of flexible yoga positions. She gets on all fours to playfully wiggle her bum, does leg lifts that open her pussy, and bends over at the waist to smile at us between her legs, before sliding down into a split. Reclining to show off her armpit hair, she shares that she and her partner have recently begun having fulfilling tantric sex, filled with sensual full-body touching and intimate eye contact. "I've been having so much sex with my partner that I've forgotten to masturbate!" she giggles.
AbbyWinters Paulina Solo

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