AbbyWinters Roselina Solo - 15 August 2021 (1080p/photo)

17-08-2021, 16:36
AbbyWinters Roselina Solo
AbbyWinters Roselina Solo / Nude Girls Anal insertions Roselina - 15 August 2021 (1080p/photo)
With her eyes shining behind her nerdy-cute glasses, Roselina relaxes on the couch and gives us an upskirt peek at her girly panties, which are adorned with a panda. Then she plunges her hand deep inside them, setting the sexy tone for this photo set. Standing up, she slips off half her bra to reveal one of her perfect small breasts, then tugs her underwear to the side to show off her downy pubic hair. Once she's naked, Roselina's fair skin glows as she tries on nipple clamps with little bells dangling from them. Then she delights in putting many fun things into her pink pussy.
AbbyWinters Roselina Solo AbbyWinters Roselina Solo AbbyWinters Roselina Solo
First her fingers slip inside, then she giggles as she inserts some random objects she finds in her room, including a pencil and a tube of lip balm. Deciding to move on to things that are designed to be in her body, she masturbates with a thick dildo and a powerful vibrator, closing her eyes as she savours the intense sensations. Not wanting her lovely bum to feel left out, she puts in a bejeweled butt plug and gets on all fours, looking over her shoulder with an inviting smile.
AbbyWinters Roselina Solo AbbyWinters Roselina Solo
With her petite figure, gleaming smile, and sexy librarian glasses, Belgian Roselina radiates adorable girl-next-door energy. In a gentle voice, she discusses her love of reading and drawing, and also catching people's eyes with her short dress. "I like when they're looking at my bum," she giggles, lifting up the hem to reveal her yellow Pikachu panties. From then on, Roselina's combination of cuteness and sexiness becomes irresistibly charming. "Talking about positive stuff, I love masturbating!" she proclaims. "It's so fun and I try to do it every day." She gets undressed to begin today's session, putting on nipple clamps with little bells that jingle as she rubs. Roselina reveals that she recently lived out her biggest sexual fantasy of having a threesome with two guys: "I'm getting so wet by thinking about it!" Bringing out her sparkly butt plug, she warmly talks us through how good it feels going inside her bottom, before opening her legs to masturbate with a pencil and a suction vibrator. Roselina confesses that she has her best orgasms by using her fingers, so she slips them inside. "I always love the feeling of my pussy getting tighter and tighter when I get close!" she moans, building to a blissful release while sweetly looking into the camera. As she waves goodbye, she twirls around naked and happily declares, "now you've seen all of my 150 centimeters!"
AbbyWinters Roselina Solo

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