AbbyWinters Chelsea K & Jullie - Lesbian - 18 August 2021 (1080p/photo)

21-08-2021, 08:57
AbbyWinters Chelsea K & Jullie - Lesbian
AbbyWinters Chelsea K and Jullie - Lesbian / Girl Girl Muff diving Chelsea K & Jullie - 18 August 2021 (1080p/photo)
Chelsea and Jullie playfully blow bubbles together, and having their faces nestled close, they share a sweet kiss. Jullie squeezes Chelsea's soft bum, then absolutely needs to see it, pulling down her shorts and then removing her panties. Chelsea revels in Jullie's intimate touch, as her bottom, breasts and full bush are all cuddled and caressed. Eager to get her hands on Jullie, Chelsea bends her over the chair, and sensually laps into her pussy from behind. Whimpering with pleasure, Jullie spreads her bum cheeks and looks over her shoulder to watch.
AbbyWinters Chelsea K & Jullie - Lesbian AbbyWinters Chelsea K & Jullie - Lesbian AbbyWinters Chelsea K & Jullie - Lesbian
Hugging each other close in a warm embrace, with their nipples touching, the girls get ready to share lots more pleasure. Jullie takes charge of passionately eating Chelsea's pussy in multiple positions: reclining in the chair with her legs open, standing up, and bent over on all fours. In each one, Jullie expertly sucks Chelsea's clit, making her moan in ecstasy, as she runs her hand through Jullie's curly hair. Chelsea then pleasures Jullie with her fingers and tongue, and the girls snuggle up satisfied to blow some more bubbles.
AbbyWinters Chelsea K & Jullie - Lesbian AbbyWinters Chelsea K & Jullie - Lesbian
Chelsea and Jullie work as a team to blow the biggest soap bubbles they can, snuggling close to admire the rainbow colours that glint off them. Their thoughts naturally flow towards other fun things they can do with their mouths, and they begin to make out and gently caress each other all over. Chelsea sensually lifts Jullie's dress over her head and lovingly licks her armpit, then pulls down her panties and eats her pussy from behind. Jullie’s breath catches and she moans as she feels the warm tongue lapping her clit, and Chelsea happily giggles listening to the intense pleasure she's providing. Jullie is eager to reciprocate, so she invites Chelsea to recline with her legs open and buries her face between them. Chelsea spreads her vulva to maximise the sensation she gets from Jullie's passionate licking, building to a powerful orgasm that's followed by grateful kisses. The girls indulge in luxurious tribbing, and the chair squeaks as Jullie's peachy bum wobbles against Chelsea's soft thigh. Jullie then attempts a handstand, but when she loses her balance with a laugh, she lies on the floor and spreads her legs to get penetrated. "I like your pussy! It's opening up, it's really cute!" Chelsea exclaims, excitedly watching her fingers get hugged by her friend's meaty labia. As Jullie cries out with pleasure, her curly hair bounces and her caramel complexion flushes pink.
AbbyWinters Chelsea K & Jullie - Lesbian

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