AbbyWinters Nude Girls No undies outdoors Maddie - 19 August 2021 (1080p/photo)

21-08-2021, 16:46
AbbyWinters Maddie Solo
AbbyWinters Maddie Solo / Nude Girls No undies outdoors Maddie - 19 August 2021 (1080p/photo)
Lovable redhead Maddie has brought along a collection of her cutest outfits for her latest shoot. First she plays with her clothes, tugging down her bra until her firm breasts nearly pop out, then she's standing topless with only the straps of her skirt covering her nipples. Moving outdoors to the balcony, wearing just some lacy vintage lingerie, she playfully douses herself with a hose until the white fabric becomes see-through. She removes her panties and points the hose downward, making her ginger pubic hair glisten with water droplets.
AbbyWinters Maddie Solo AbbyWinters Maddie Solo AbbyWinters Maddie Solo
Wearing a completely transparent gown with nothing underneath, Maddie does some stretches against a ballet bar, lifting one leg to share intimate views of her vulva. Feeling adventurous, she walks down the street clad in a flowing floral print dress, with a flower crown on her head. Then she flashes her perky nipples and soft bum, then hikes up the hem and uses scissors to snip off her stained panties. As she feels the breeze against her bare pussy, she flashes a glowing smile.
AbbyWinters Maddie Solo AbbyWinters Maddie Solo
Charmingly friendly English girl Maddie eloquently discusses her jobs at a charity that supports sex workers, and as a university lecturer in gender and sexuality. "They both allow me to pursue things I'm deeply passionate about, and to make a positive difference in the world" she shares, rubbing cream into her bare feet. She sensually unbuttons her top and uses a flower to lift up her skirt, then heads onto the balcony to play with a hose, until her lingerie is dripping wet. Giggling, she strips naked and relaxes with her legs open, her red hair and fair skin glowing in the sunshine. Maddie puts on a flower crown and a completely transparent floral print dress, which shows off her perky nipples and ginger bush. "I wanted something that covered me up, but still left me naked, to go to fetish clubs", she explains. While doing some nude ballet, she tells intriguing stories about her fetish adventures, including her love of having sex in front of an audience at the clubs. "I really like knowing that other people are enjoying themselves watching me" she sighs with a bright smile. Then she heads out onto the streets of Barcelona to flash her small breasts, round bum and lovely pussy, savouring the joyfully liberating sensation of being naked in public.
AbbyWinters Nude Girls No undies outdoors Maddie

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