AbbyWinters Zhen - Intimate Moments - 23 August 2021 (1080p)

23-08-2021, 18:06
AbbyWinters Zhen - Intimate Moments
AbbyWinters Zhen - Intimate Moments / Masturbation Pleasuring herself in a hammock Zhen - 23 August 2021 (1080p)
Sultry Asian Zhen looks so cozy curled up in her hammock, but as she caresses her chest over her tank top until her nipples slip out, it's clear she has a plan to get even more relaxed. She strips over her shirt to uncover her tiny breasts, which she lovingly squeezes before both hands drift into her lacy panties. She pulls them off and uses her fingers to spread her smooth vulva, then taps it with her hand, giggling at the intense sensation. After slipping her fingers deep in her pussy, she licks them to savour her taste, then gets out her curved silver dildo. Zhen's breathing gets heavier as she rubs the metal toy against the opening over her vagina, and she cries out with pleasure when she starts vigorously pushing it in and out. "Oh my God, yes!" she exclaims while rubbing her clit, as sexual electricity builds up inside her. Her pleasure bursts forth in a powerful orgasm that jolts her body over and over, and makes the whole hammock shake. In the afterglow, she keeps one comforting hand between her legs and the other on her sensitive nipples, and throws her head back to revel in how good she feels.
AbbyWinters Zhen - Intimate Moments

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