AbbyWinters Celestina Solo - 5 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

7-09-2021, 16:37
AbbyWinters Celestina Solo
AbbyWinters Celestina Solo / Nude Girls Deep dildo insertion Celestina - 5 September 2021 (1080p/photo)
Celestina's flowing blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and fair skin give her a special glow, and her megawatt smile reveals how excited she is for the shoot. From her halter top to her pleated skirt, to her cute socks, her entire outfit is pink, except for her blue cotton panties, which she lets us peek at, by sitting with her legs akimbo. The skirt comes off first, then she unties her top and lifts it for a tantalising hint of pink areola, before proudly uncovering her perfect small breasts. The teasing continues, as she tugs her panties down and obstructs the view with her hand, then reveals her immaculate shaved pussy.
AbbyWinters Celestina Solo AbbyWinters Celestina Solo AbbyWinters Celestina Solo
Celestina arrived prepared for a day full of pleasure, bringing her collection of sexy toys. After warming up with her fingers, she sits on a thick rainbow dildo that quickly becomes dripping with wetness. With her legs high in the air, she moves on to a powerful vibrator that can cuddle her clit while it's inside her, then keeps using it standing up and beaming with delight. For the finale of her masturbation session, she gets out her magic wand, opens her legs and looks into the camera, flushing pink as she feels her orgasm coming.
AbbyWinters Celestina Solo AbbyWinters Celestina Solo
Celestina splashes in the pool, wearing a barely-there string bikini, her porcelain skin shining in the sunlight. She confesses that she loves wearing as little as possible, but still feels overdressed. "It would be really cool to be completely naked all the time, because that's what nature intended!" she giggles with a sparkling smile. Relaxing in a short skirt that offers glimpses of her cotton panties, she describes how she lost her virginity at 19, and has since been making up for lost time. "Sex is my passion!" she declares, and slyly explains that she needs open relationships because if she was with just one person, "I would take up all their time!" With ice blonde hair draped over her perky nipples, Celestina demonstrates her sexiest techniques for removing her panties, uncovering her perfectly shaved pussy. She reveals that she had one of her best sexual experiences the night before, when a guy made her squirt five times. The sexy memory sparks an epic masturbation session, as she first climaxes with a dildo, standing up on the bed, then deeply inserts her vibrator. She casts a smoldering look into the camera, as an incredibly powerful orgasm makes her whole trembling body flush bright red, but she's just getting started. "I came more than I was expecting, for sure!" she announces at the end. "There were at least four orgasms, possibly more!"
Nude Girls Deep dildo insertion Celestina

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