AbbyWinters Elysa Solo - 9 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

11-09-2021, 20:03
AbbyWinters Elysa Solo
AbbyWinters Elysa Solo / Nude Girls In her painting studio Elysa - 9 September 2021 (1080p/photo)
Elysa invites us into her studio to share her love of painting. She works on a colourful new piece, while surrounded by a collection of her completed creations, and even the tight yoga pants hugging her round bum have the print of a painting. After squeezing her breasts over her midriff-baring top, she lifts it up to reveal she’s not wearing a bra, then tugs on her turquoise panties, until a few dark curls spill from the sides. As they drop around her ankles, she beams happily into the camera, flashing her braces.
AbbyWinters Elysa Solo AbbyWinters Elysa Solo AbbyWinters Elysa Solo
Fully nude, Elysa lifts one leg high in the air, to provide an intimate view of her natural bush. She grips a paintbrush with her bare toes, and then proceeds to use her beautiful body as her canvas. She paints a circle around one of the many cute freckles that cover her from head to toe, then creates patterns to decorate her warm thighs. Sitting with her legs open, to show off her latest work of art, as it frames her pussy, Elysa glows with a charming grin.
AbbyWinters Elysa Solo AbbyWinters Elysa Solo
With her braces, abundance of freckles and endearingly soft-spoken personality, Elysa glows with girl-next-door cuteness. She’s delighted to tell us all about her passion for abstract painting, and works on a new canvas in a crop top and leggings that feature one of her favorite anime characters. "They are skintight and they make my booty so big!" she announces, joyfully wiggling and spanking her bouncy bum. As she bends over to paint, we can see some unique reverse cleavage up the bottom of her shirt, before she lifts it with a sweet smile, so we can admire her perky breasts. Elysa drops her panties around her ankles and gives us an intimate tour of her most distinctively sexy feature. "I have special freckles that only my lovers can see", she shares. "They are really cute!" She reveals the freckles decorating her bum, inner thighs and hiding beneath her fuzzy pubic hair, then paints lines on her body to connect them like constellations. Opening her legs to show her perfect pussy, she describes her fun kinks, like having her toes licked and pegging boys with her strap-on. She confesses that she’s never posed nude for a painting, because she’s "super-shy", but always feels comfortable taking off her clothes for shoot producer Ursula’s camera. "She’s a really cool person, so it’s super-natural!" Elysa happily declares. "She makes it so easy!"
AbbyWinters Nude Girls In her painting studio Elysa

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