AbbyWinters Nicole T. Solo - 16 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

18-09-2021, 15:31
AbbyWinters Nicole T. Solo
AbbyWinters Nicole T. Solo / Nude Girls Rubbing cream all over Nicole T - 16 September 2021 (1080p/photo)
Relaxing on the bed in an elegant floral print dress, Nicole lifts one bare foot in the air, giving a teasing peek at her underwear. Her fingers and toes are decorated with matching blue nail polish, and she tugs the top of her dress aside, so one of her nipples slips out. The teasing continues when she pulls off her lacy panties and playfully nibbles them, while holding one hand in front of her. Then she whips it away with a cheerful grin, so we can admire her neatly shaved pussy.
AbbyWinters Nicole T. Solo AbbyWinters Nicole T. Solo AbbyWinters Nicole T. Solo
After getting on all fours with her bum high in the air, Nicole rubs white skin cream onto her dark nipples, her eyes sparkling suggestively. She lays on her tummy to provide a perfect view of her cute bum, and then demonstrates her impressive flexibility. Giggling brightly, she puts both of her feet behind her head, opening her legs to display her meaty labia and tight anus. While running her hands through her brunette hair, she rolls around the bed, excitedly showing off her body in an array of sexy positions.
AbbyWinters Nicole T. Solo AbbyWinters Nicole T. Solo
Nicole is a sci-fi and fantasy buff, and she excitedly talks about visiting Star Trek conventions and her absolute favorite show, Stargate. She shares that being able to geek out about things like that is the way to her heart: "I love guys that are really nerdy and funny, and into a lot of the same stuff that I am." She slips off her dress while holding a big pillow in front of her, then drops it with a lovable giggle. After bouncing her breasts and then happily revealing them, she proceeds to teasingly remove her frilly panties with one hand cupped over her pussy. Then she stands in the nude so we can admire all of her beautiful body. "I first realised I might be bi when I was 18", Nicole reveals. "I started watching porn and I would always watch the girl." She confesses that it's tough to know if another girl is interested in her romantically, but she's still had some amazing sexual encounters with women. With her legs open, she intimately describes one of them, a night with a buxom redhead who was an expert at using a strap-on. "It made me dripping wet! It was just so hot being fucked by a girl", Nicole exclaims, while spreading her shaved vulva. "It was definitely one of my favorite experiences."
AbbyWinters Nicole T. Solo

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