AbbyWinters Anahi & Ophelia D. Lesbian - 22 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

24-09-2021, 15:38
AbbyWinters Anahi & Ophelia D. Lesbian
AbbyWinters Anahi and Ophelia D. Lesbian / Girl Girl Deep fingering Anahi & Ophelia D - 22 September 2021 (1080p/photo)
Wearing only a bra beneath her overalls, Ophelia watches porn on her phone, and her hand drifts between her legs. When she gets caught by Anahi, she invites her to join in the fun, and soon Anahi has hiked up her dress to rub herself. Yet sexy images on the screen pale in comparison to the real thing, and Anahi starts sucking Ophelia's nipple before eagerly stripping off her clothes. Anahi bends Ophelia over to get penetrated in doggy, then lets her suck her wet fingers so she can taste herself.
AbbyWinters Anahi & Ophelia D. Lesbian AbbyWinters Anahi & Ophelia D. Lesbian AbbyWinters Anahi & Ophelia D. Lesbian
Ophelia playfully uses her teeth to remove Anahi's dress, before licking her over her silky panties, which quickly become wet with saliva and arousal. She peels them off and drapes the damp fabric over Anahi's mouth, making them both giggle. Ophelia decides they should make their own porn, so gets out her phone to record Anahi passionately sucking her clit, while looking up at her with sparkling eyes. Sitting side by side to masturbate each other, they snap a joyful selfie before stroking their meaty labia to intense orgasms, then fall asleep in a sweet embrace.
AbbyWinters Anahi & Ophelia D. Lesbian AbbyWinters Anahi & Ophelia D. Lesbian
Ophelia has one hand deep in her overalls with her eyes glued to her phone, when Anahi playfully interrupts her. Seeing her friend's blushing embarrassment, Anahi is sweetly reassuring: "I didn't know you watch porn, that's hot!" "Do you want to watch it together?" Ophelia asks in a trembling voice. Anahi eagerly curls up with her, and they both get aroused and inspired by the girls on the screen. "This is better than watching a film" Ophelia murmurs, freeing Anahi's large breasts from her dress and sucking her nipples. Anahi then takes charge and bends Ophelia over, to finger her to a blissful climax. "I love how you cum!" Anahi exclaims as they kiss. "I love how you do it!" Ophelia giggles. Anahi stands with one foot on the couch so Ophelia can go down on her, and she shudders with orgasmic release with her friend's tongue deep in her pussy. "I want my own film!" Ophelia cheekily announces, grabbing her phone. She spreads her legs to record Anahi excitedly lapping into her vulva, then begs her to put a loving hand on her throat as she's overcome with pleasure. The girls continue their porn shoot by filming closeups of their hairy pussies while masturbating each other, and suck dripping wet fingers in between multiple orgasms. "I had so much fun with you!" Anahi sighs, as Ophelia cuddles her in the afterglow.
AbbyWinters Anahi & Ophelia D. Lesbian

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