AbbyWinters Calina Solo - 14 October 2021 (1080p/photo)

16-10-2021, 15:21
AbbyWinters Calina Solo
AbbyWinters Calina Solo / Nude Girls Large areolas Calina - 14 October 2021 (1080p/photo)
Calina does some flexible yoga stretches with her hips in the air, giving an excellent view of how nice her bum looks in her jeans. Stripping down to a comfy sports bra and cotton panties, Calina playfully tugs at them to free her soft breasts and neatly shaved pussy. Crouching on the floor, she does some sexy nude weightlifting, then spreads her legs to reveal her fleshy vulva.
AbbyWinters Calina Solo AbbyWinters Calina Solo AbbyWinters Calina Solo
Calina splays out on her bed to get cozy, raising her bare feet into the air and wiggling her toes. She massages some lotion into her large areolas, which makes them shine, then stands up and puts one foot on a bench. As she's shot from below with the camera focused on her pussy, the sunlight from the window reveals the purple tint in her hair, and she looks down with a warm smile.
AbbyWinters Calina Solo AbbyWinters Calina Solo
Calina invites us into her bedroom looking cozy in her tight jeans and t-shirt, but she quickly gets rid of them. "It's much better this way! When I'm at home, I prefer to be without clothes," she explains, clad in a hot pink sports bra and striped cotton panties that cling to her firm bottom. As she sensually removes those final items of clothing, she shares that she's learning to speak Czech, because she thinks it sounds sexy, even simple words like "potatoes" ("brambory"). Calina then begins lifting weights in the nude, and the intense workout makes a sheen of sweat appear on her bare breasts, as she flexes her toned arms. While cooling off with a paper fan that her boyfriend brought her from China, Calina opens her legs with a bright smile to reveal her perfectly smooth pussy. After showing us how she looks wearing only her glasses, she points out that her golden tan covers every inch of her body. That's because every weekend, she joins a group of friends at the nude beach. "We swim, and play basketball and have picnics, all absolutely naked!" she exclaims, her eyes sparkling. Putting one leg on her desk, so her meaty labia can be filmed from below, she casts a charming look into the camera.
AbbyWinters Calina Solo

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