AbbyWinters Gizela Nude Girls - 24 October 2021 (1080p/photo)

26-10-2021, 17:09
AbbyWinters Gizela Nude Girls
AbbyWinters Gizela Nude Girls / Nude Girls Hairy pussy Gizela - 24 October 2021 (1080p/photo)
Gizela tugs down her scoop neck top, to reveal that her breasts are supported by gold-coloured lingerie which shines like the sun. With a twinkle in her dark eyes and a gleaming white smile, she undresses and touches her pale pink nipples. Gizela's beautiful classical features resemble what we see in early Renaissance paintings, so it's only natural that she has one printed on her tight leggings. After she peels them off, to uncover her round bum, she plays with her clothes, cheerfully putting her arms through the leg holes.
AbbyWinters Gizela Nude Girls AbbyWinters Gizela Nude Girls AbbyWinters Gizela Nude Girls
Gizela's see-through panties leave little to the imagination, but she quickly tugs them to her knees to share more of herself. With the fabric stretched between her legs, she beams into the camera and offers an intimate view of the dark hair decorating her pussy. Putting her bare feet in the air, she flashes a teasing look over her sunglasses, and reveals that the hair beautifies her neat anus as well. Supporting herself with her hands, Gizela perches on a chair with her knees wide apart, inviting us to admire her tanlined body in all its glory.
AbbyWinters Gizela Nude Girls AbbyWinters Gizela Nude Girls
Elegant Gizela uses a little stone roller to massage her face and the cleavage above her sparkly gold bustier, while telling us how soothing it feels. She pulls down her leggings, which are decorated with the Birth of Venus painting, to uncover her silky pink panties, and reveals that she quit ballet at 16 to focus on martial arts. Sitting topless on the floor, she shares how much she loves her perfect small breasts, which have tan lines from the summer sun. "I only wear a bra if I have a formal meeting, where I need to not be showing my nipples," she giggles, as she strokes them. After tugging her panties around her ankles, Gizela opens her legs to show off the neat patch of pubic hair that adorns her pink labia. She describes the intimacy of having a sexual partner who is confident in what they like. "It's so good when you're sharing your secrets, your desires and your most hidden pleasures with someone who knows that about themselves," she explains. Lying on her tummy, to expose her curvy bum and bare feet, she credits her own understanding of her body and her needs, to a soft and romantic first girl-girl experience with a close friend. "I found her so beautiful and wanted to touch and kiss her," she sighs dreamily. "My whole life was changed by that!"
AbbyWinters Gizela Nude Girls

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