AbbyWinters Kristiana Solo - 27 February 2021 (1080p/photo)

27-02-2021, 15:41
AbbyWinters Kristiana Solo
AbbyWinters Kristiana Solo / Nude Girls Bathtub insertion Kristiana - 27 February 2021 (1080p/photo)
Kristiana slowly begins to undress as she fills in the bathtub for a relaxing bubble bath. With the tip of her fingers, she gently pulls her cotton panties aside, revealing her dark, hairy pussy as she continues to take off her comfy clothes.
AbbyWinters Kristiana Solo AbbyWinters Kristiana Solo AbbyWinters Kristiana Solo
Once inside the bathtub, Kristiana giggles as she grabs her favourite dildo. Placing it on the floor of the bathtub, she begins to masturbate, sitting on top of it and slowly moving her hips up and down. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, Kristiana continues to please herself with the dildo while her other hand caresses her clit, making her moan and squirm in pleasure as she feels an intense orgasm coming.
AbbyWinters Kristiana Solo AbbyWinters Kristiana Solo
As she gets ready for a cozy bubble bath, Kristiana shows off the new style she’s chosen for her copper-coloured hair, having recently cut off her long locks in favor of a shorter look. She pulls down her tank top to squeeze and bounce her breasts in a stretchy blue bra that gives a hint of her nipples, then slips off her polka-dot panties. With a laugh, she explains that while she now has short hair on her head, “my hair here became much longer!” She uses a brush to make her pubic hair extra-fluffy, then bends over to draw the bath, giving us a look at her curvy bum. “I always like to give pleasure to myself in a hot tub, because it feels so warm and comfy!” she explains with a sweet smile. Kristiana’s tub has a special feature: a glass window that gives anyone lucky enough to be in the room with her a clear view of what she’s doing underwater. First, she presses her bum against the window so we can see it decorated with bubbles, then she bounces on her large dildo, splashing as she sighs with pleasure. She continues masturbating in doggy, while standing up, and sitting on the edge of the tub, as the toy gets sticky with girlcum. Her arousal builds to an intense orgasm that’s accompanied by a gushing squirt.
AbbyWinters Kristiana Solo

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