AbbyWinters Daliah Solo - 2 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

2-03-2021, 16:51
AbbyWinters Daliah Solo
AbbyWinters Daliah Solo / Nude Girls Transparent dildo insertion Daliah - 2 March 2021 (1080p/photo)
Standing on a balcony overlooking the ocean and the city skyline, raven-haired Daliah lifts up the hem of her summer dress with a smile, giving an upskirt glimpse of her lacy panties. She moves inside to the bedroom and strums her ukulele while wearing a bra that hugs the curve of her breasts. Stripping off her lingerie, she reveals her dark areolas and neatly shaved pussy.
AbbyWinters Daliah Solo AbbyWinters Daliah Solo AbbyWinters Daliah Solo
Spreading her legs wide apart, Daliah begins stroking her clit with her fingers, before deciding she needs something more substantial and getting out her clear rubber dildo. Her dark eyes smolder as she plunges it deep inside and masturbates in an array of positions. Riding the toy on the floor, standing up, and lying on the bed, each thrust brings her closer to blissful orgasm.
AbbyWinters Daliah Solo AbbyWinters Daliah Solo
As she plays the flute in a tight bra that accentuates her cleavage, Daliah confesses that the members of her high school marching band were nowhere near as innocent as everyone thought. “The band kids are arguably the horniest kids in the entire school!” she declares, describing how bus rides to competitions turned into group makeout sessions. Wearing only cotton panties that cling to her bum and hint at the outline of her labia, she confidently reveals the different techniques she uses to let guys and girls know she wants to have sex with them. Relaxing on the bed completely naked, Daliah slips her fingers into her wet pussy. As she gets more aroused, she reaches for her dildo and indulges in deep penetration. First she vigorously rides it, moaning and working her hips with a smile as her breasts bounce. Then she lays on her back to push the toy inside while sharing her kinky fantasies about being the center of sexual attention for a large group of people. “Guys or girls: it doesn’t matter, I’ll take either,” she sighs, her voice catching as she imagines the scene. Her pleasure builds to multiple intense orgasms that leave her face flushed pink as she catches her breath.
AbbyWinters Daliah Solo

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