AbbyWinters Ophelia D. Solo - 9 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

9-03-2021, 17:04
AbbyWinters Ophelia D. Solo
AbbyWinters Ophelia D. Solo / Nude Girls Couch humping Ophelia D - 9 March 2021 (1080p/photo)
Ophelia looks stylish in a short dress that clings to the curves of her figure, the hint of her nipples poking through the fabric revealing that she’s not wearing a bra. She is wearing panties, however, and they’re made of sparkly gold material, which she excitedly shows off by lifting up her dress with an smile. Ophelia’s eyes light up as she shares her body with us, first removing the dress so we can admire her soft breasts and perky nipples, then pulling down her panties to uncover a patch of blond pubic hair.
AbbyWinters Ophelia D. Solo AbbyWinters Ophelia D. Solo AbbyWinters Ophelia D. Solo
Opening her legs, Ophelia starts to touch herself, pulling her meaty labia apart and gently stroking her clit with her fingers. She bites her lip as she enjoys the sensations, then sits up to straddle her red sofa and grind her pussy on it. As she works her hips, she squeezes her breasts and closes her eyes, her whole body tensing with pleasure.
AbbyWinters Ophelia D. Solo AbbyWinters Ophelia D. Solo
Sitting on the couch so we can see a teasing glimpse of her gold panties up her dress, blonde Ophelia burns incense and talks about her love of smells. She reveals that one particular brand of perfume on a partner always has a special effect on her: “It could be anyone with this smell: if I smell it, I take off my clothes!” Pulling up her dress to reveal her perfect breasts, she shares that they are her favorite part of her body, and it’s easy to see why as she caresses her perky nipples. Ophelia settles in to lovingly stroke her meaty labia while discussing how she feels completely comfortable being nude in front of people, her theory that having sex on the first date helps make sure you’re compatible with someone, and how much she adores giving blowjobs. “I can give them for hours! It’s incredible, guys love me,” she declares with a confident grin. All the sexy talk gets her excited to masturbate, and she gives herself multiple orgasms with her fingers. Finally, she gets into a flexible position where she rubs her heel against her pussy to reach climax with a blissed-out smile.
AbbyWinters Ophelia D. Solo

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