AbbyWinters Elysa Solo - 13 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

13-03-2021, 16:02
AbbyWinters Elysa Solo
AbbyWinters Elysa Solo / Nude Girls Blindfold Elysa - 13 March 2021 (1080p/photo)
With her dark hair cascading down her shoulders, Elysa playfully snaps some sexy selfies, opening her legs so her girly panties are visible up her shorts. When she unzips them and they drop to the floor, we can see a few tendrils of pubic hair escaping from the lacy waistband of her underwear above a perfect camel toe. Getting naked from the waist down, Elysa starts gently touching herself, before pulling off her frilly top to reveal that every inch of her body is decorated with a splash of freckles.
AbbyWinters Elysa Solo AbbyWinters Elysa Solo AbbyWinters Elysa Solo
Thrilled to be naked on camera, Elysa treats herself some indulgent masturbation. She lays back with her head dangling off the sofa and her legs in the air, filling up her hairy pussy with three fingers. After penetrating herself in doggy, she pulls out a purple dildo and blindfolds herself to focus on the sensations. Her labia tightly grip the toy as she pushes it in and out, building to an intense orgasm that makes her throw her head back in ecstasy. Tugging up half the blindfold to look at the camera with one eye, Elysa flashes a charming smile that shows how much fun she had.
AbbyWinters Elysa Solo AbbyWinters Elysa Solo
As she hikes up her loose-fitting shorts to show off her long legs adorned with freckles, bubbly Elysa discusses her hobby of photographing herself naked. “I think the human body is really beautiful, especially girls' bodies!" she confides with a shy laugh that reveals her braces. Smiling into the camera as she undresses, Elysa reveals that she loves doing explicit poses with her legs wide open because “it feels good to be that sexy in front of a camera.” She pulls her lacy panties to the side to give us a demonstration, and pushes her fingers deep into her hairy pussy. While she usually uses two fingers to pleasure herself, Elysa explains that she can use three when she’s very excited. Today is one of those days, and she masturbates to multiple intense orgasms, each one leaving her giggling with excitement as the pale skin on her face and breasts flushes bright pink. She has the last one blindfolded to heighten her senses, with the help of her purple dildo. “It’s incredible! It’s my little lover and it’s pretty perfect,” she announces before using it to bring herself to a shuddering climax.
AbbyWinters Elysa Solo

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