AbbyWinters Margherita and Zhen - Masturbation - 15 March 2021 (1080p)

16-03-2021, 02:30
AbbyWinters Margherita and Zhen - Masturbation
AbbyWinters Margherita and Zhen - Masturbation - 15 March 2021 (1080p)
Zhen returns home from lingerie shopping and excitedly shows Margherita all the sexy items she bought. They try on some of Zhen’s new bras together, and discover that their small breasts are very sensitive. They take turns sucking each other’s nipples, squeezing them very hard and teasing them with an ice pack, which gets them extremely turned on. “I think we should take off our panties!” Zhen exclaims, and they both whip them off at the same time and start stroking their shaved pussies. The girls spread their legs and sweetly nestle close together on the couch while holding hands. They have very different masturbation techniques: Zhen plunges her fingers deep inside, while Margherita rubs her clit hard in little circles above her tampon. Their arousal builds as they watch each other and moan, until Zhen reaches orgasm first and her whole body shakes with jolts of pure pleasure. “You made me cum so hard, thank you!” Zhen sighs. “That’s so nice, now I’ll cum too!” Margherita whimpers, building to a blissful climax with the help of Zhen’s hands on her breasts.
AbbyWinters Margherita and Zhen - Masturbation

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