AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo - 16 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

16-03-2021, 17:11
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo / Nude Girls G-string panties Josephine A - 16 March 2021 (1080p/photo)
After setting up her photography equipment, brunette Josephine uses an electrical cord to help her undress, slipping it between her breasts to pull up her bra and reveal nipples decorated with little hairs. With a bright smile, she slips off her shorts, uncovering transparent G-string panties with a wet spot between her legs. We can see that the tuft of dark hair on her pussy is joined by more tendrils of hair leading up to her belly button and on her inner thighs.
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo
Once the panties fall to the floor, Josephine looks like she’s having a ball playing around completely naked. She laughs as she twirls the cord around her head like a lasso, tweaks her nipples with a clamp, and snaps some shots with her vintage camera. She ends up relaxing on the floor and invitingly opens her legs, reveling in how it feels to share her body on camera, rather than being the one taking the photos.
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo
With her curly dark hair held back by a red ribbon, professional film director Josephine sets up her camera equipment and discusses her love of cinema. She caresses her small breasts over her comfy bra, making her nipples harden, then pulls down her shorts to reveal panties visibly damp with wetness. “I’m more used to being behind the camera than in front: this is the first time for me actually!” she confesses, adding that now she knows a bit what it’s like for the people she’s filmed, “but they were not naked!” One of Josephine’s favorite movies is Basic Instinct, so she excitedly recreates its most famous scene for us in a more explicit fashion. Doing her best Sharon Stone impression, she sits on a chair fully naked and uncrosses her legs, exposing her wet pussy. “That turns me on every time!” she sighs. She describes the special joys of having sex on trains, then teases our ears with a demonstration of the tingly pleasures of ASMR by sensually whispering into the microphone.
AbbyWinters Josephine A Solo

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