AbbyWinters Manon and Maylin Lesbian - 19 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

19-03-2021, 18:21
AbbyWinters Manon and Maylin Lesbian
AbbyWinters Manon and Maylin Lesbian - 19 March 2021 (1080p/photo)
Manon and Maylin are having fun rummaging through their clothes, seeing how they look in a leopard-print top hat and a stylish scarf. When they decide to try on bras, it doesn’t take long before they get excited to see what’s underneath and tug them down to excitedly suck their friend’s nipples. Both girls are wearing leotards with luxurious pubic hair spilling from the sides of the crotch, and they pop open the buttons between their legs to expose their warm pussies and start fingering each other.
AbbyWinters Manon and Maylin Lesbian AbbyWinters Manon and Maylin Lesbian AbbyWinters Manon and Maylin Lesbian
Manon watches intently from behind her glasses while Maylin laps into her full bush and smiles as she sees how good she’s making Manon feel. When it’s her turn to receive deep finger penetration, Maylin tries on Manon’s glasses with a giggle and is soon moaning in pleasure. Playfully putting on the hat and wearing a bra as panties, the girls explore tribbing and mutual masturbation, sharing orgasms before snuggling in each other’s arms.
AbbyWinters Manon and Maylin Lesbian AbbyWinters Manon and Maylin Lesbian
As they explore their clothing collection, interracial couple Maylin and Manon put bras on over their clothes, and Maylin has the playful idea to link the straps, tying them together. “It’s funny, we’re like a four-boobs monster!” Manon exclaims as they laugh. Boobs are always more fun to play with when they’re free, so soon the bras are on the floor and the girls are worshiping their friend’s nipples with hands and mouths. Their hands drift between each other’s legs, and they happily discover that they both have fluffy full bushes. Manon opens her legs to welcome Maylin’s face, which glows with a bright smile as she tenderly licks the pink labia and plunges her fingers deep inside. Each thrust brings Manon closer to a powerful orgasm, making her cry out in ecstasy with her eyes shut tight behind her glasses. After some vigorous tribbing with the girls working their hips to rub their pussies together, Maylin stands up with the clothes rack for support while Manon goes down on her. As the sounds of passionate licking and sucking fill the air, Manon looks up adoringly and the girls’ eyes sparkle as they meet. That sweet moment of connection makes Maylin throw her head back as orgasmic pleasure washes over her.
AbbyWinters Manon and Maylin Lesbian

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