AbbyWinters Ayesha Solo - 20 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

20-03-2021, 15:57
AbbyWinters Ayesha Solo
AbbyWinters Ayesha Solo / Nude Girls Hairbrush insertion Ayesha - 20 March 2021 (1080p/photo)
Pakistani Ayesha smiles brightly at her reflection in the mirror as she brushes her long curly hair, then pulls down the top of her dress to show off her armpit hair and transparent bra. The rest of the dress drops to the floor, revealing that her panties are see-through as well, with her dark pubic hair visible through the purple fabric. She turns around so we can admire her bouncy round bum, then gets completely naked on the floor and starts touching herself.
AbbyWinters Ayesha Solo AbbyWinters Ayesha Solo AbbyWinters Ayesha Solo
Ayesha enjoys the feeling of her fingers stroking her clit, but decides to get a bit more adventurous and inserts her hairbrush deep inside in her pussy. She giggles at the unusual sensation, but needs something a bit more comfortable to get off, so she relaxes in the chair and plays with her glass dildo. Her dark labia grip the toy as she masturbates, building to a euphoric orgasm.
AbbyWinters Ayesha Solo AbbyWinters Ayesha Solo
Wearing a very short pink dress that keeps riding up over her curvy bum, bubbly Ayesha tries bouncing a ping-pong ball in the air, but laughs as it flies all over the room. She slips off the dress and describes how she likes the quirky look of mismatched clothes, like her brightly-coloured socks, blue and purple lingerie made of transparent fabric that reveals her nipples and dark pubic hair. She cuddles and squeezes her voluptuous breasts, happily confessing that it’s something she spends a lot of time doing: “This is my hobby: playing with my own boobs!” After pulling down her panties and standing fully nude to show off her beautiful hourglass figure, Ayesha lies on the floor and watches herself in the mirror as she masturbates. First she slips her fingers into her pussy and smiles at the sticky sounds, then she tries using her hairbrush, her breath catching as she feels it deep inside. But her favourite way to get off is with her glass dildo, so she lies back with her legs open, to give us an intimate view as the toy works its magic, bringing her to a blissful climax.
AbbyWinters Ayesha Solo

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