AbbyWinters Stella C. Solo - 27 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

27-03-2021, 15:25
AbbyWinters Stella C. Solo
AbbyWinters Stella C. Solo / Nude Girls Deep insertions Stella C - 27 March 2021 (1080p/photo)
Stella sits at the mirror wearing a cozy pink bathrobe and brushes her cascading blonde hair, which curls into little ringlets at the end. She strips off her pajamas to reveal a lacy bra that struggles to contain the swell of her gorgeously full breasts, as well as girly panties with a visible camel toe. Stretching out the floor completely naked, she teases her pink nipples with hair clips and proudly shows off her smooth shaved vulva.
AbbyWinters Stella C. Solo AbbyWinters Stella C. Solo AbbyWinters Stella C. Solo
Stella climbs into bed to curl up in the welcoming paws of an enormous teddy bear that is even larger than she is, and starts to masturbate with a thick rubber dildo. Her pussy gets dripping wet as she pushes the toy in and out, and her face flushes pink with intense pleasure. To push herself over the edge, she presses a vibrator against her clit, and the combined sensations bring her to a rapturous orgasm.
AbbyWinters Stella C. Solo AbbyWinters Stella C. Solo
Stella organizes her lingerie drawer wearing pajama shorts that show off her long legs and a camisole top offering tantalising glimpses of her cleavage. She shares that she hasn’t cut her flowing blonde hair for two years, and the long curls cascade over her shoulders as she starts stretching. “I prefer to do my yoga practice naked!” she explains with a smile, eagerly stripping off her bra and panties to reveal her breathtaking large breasts and a smooth shaved pussy. Stella’s curves sway hypnotically as she displays her flexibility in many positions. She cuddles her gigantic teddy bear in bed and confesses: “my fetish is to have sex in unusual places.” Telling us about the time she gave her husband a blowjob on a Ferris wheel gets her very excited to masturbate with her large dildo. Her pussy gets creamy with girlcum as she takes the toy deep inside, and then she adds in a cute suction vibrator in the shape of a penguin. When she reaches orgasm, her whole body shudders and her breasts bounce as she’s overcome with pure pleasure.
AbbyWinters Stella C. Solo

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