AbbyWinters Margherita and Pascal - Intimate Moments - 29 March 2021 (1080p)

29-03-2021, 16:17
AbbyWinters Margherita and Pascal - Intimate Moments
AbbyWinters Margherita and Pascal - Intimate Moments - 29 March 2021 (1080p)
Margherita and Pascal have so much in common: they both have long curly hair that is shaved a bit on the right side, they’re both fans of yoga and they both absolutely love to masturbate. Pascal brushes Margherita’s hair, which makes her nipples harden through her tight tank top, then they both take off their shirts and admire each other’s breasts. “Oh my God, the size of your boobies is perfect!” Margherita exclaims, lovingly massaging Pascal’s chest with oil. The girls pull down their tight shorts and hump pillows wearing their panties, then lie back with their legs open to stroke their pussies. They climax at the same time using their fingers, but that is just the beginning of an epic session of self-pleasure. They get out their dildos and giggle as they compare the sizes, since Margherita’s is several times larger. Snuggling close on the floor, the girls hook their legs together and forge a beautiful sexual connection. Deeply aroused by listening to each other moan, they masturbate to so many intense simultaneous orgasms that they lose count, adrift in a sea of shared pleasure. Finally satisfied, they gently hold hands and laugh as Margherita tells Pascal: “Your cheeks are so pink, that’s so nice!”
AbbyWinters Margherita and Pascal - Intimate Moments

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ComfortZone 30 March 2021 18:19
Thank you for the Abby Winters update. Two for the prize of one smiley stuck_out_tongue
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