AbbyWinters Lilia Solo - 30 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

30-03-2021, 15:44
AbbyWinters Lilia Solo
AbbyWinters Lilia Solo / Nude Girls Redhead Lilia - 30 March 2021 (1080p/photo)
Natural redhead Lilia takes a break from knitting to excitedly lift up her t-shirt and show off her lacy bra. She twirls around in her short skirt to give flashes of her matching panties clinging to her bum, then strips down to relax on the floor fully naked. Opening her legs with a warm smile, she reveals that the fuzzy pubic hair decorating her pink pussy is the same beautiful copper colour as the hair on her head.
AbbyWinters Lilia Solo AbbyWinters Lilia Solo AbbyWinters Lilia Solo
Lilia enjoys masturbating with objects she finds around her bedroom, including a toothbrush that she inserts into her pussy while she’s bent over in the doggy position. Then she lubes up a tube of mascara and plunges it deep inside while she stands up, throwing her head back as she moans. Her legs go weak as the pleasure gets too intense, so she sits down in a chair to keep rubbing until she cries out with orgasmic ecstasy.
AbbyWinters Lilia Solo AbbyWinters Lilia Solo
Lilia is training to be a movie actor and decided to model for Abby Winters to confront her shyness about being nude on camera and in front of the crew. She already looks very comfortable and happy as she strips down to a lacy bra that hugs her small breasts and panties, with strands of hair escaping from the sides. When she’s fully naked, she proudly opens her legs to show us her lush full bush, which matches the red hair on her head. She reveals that she always shaved until recently, “when I understood that pubic hair is very feminine!” Lilia puts on a flowing dress to do some Eastern European dance moves, then gets naked again and shares that she doesn’t like using dildos to pleasure herself. “I like to use things that I have in my everyday life,” she shares with a smile. She confesses that the first time she ever masturbated, she used a toothbrush, and shows that she still loves it by pushing one deep into her pussy. Moving on to a tube of makeup, she tugs her pubic hair and rubs her clit as she feels it going in and out, building to what she happily describes in the afterglow as a “very great, strong orgasm.”
AbbyWinters Lilia Solo

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ComfortZone 30 March 2021 20:34
Thank you for the Abby Winters update. A real redhead. I'm in love heart_eyes kissing_heart
Irishka 30 March 2021 23:01
Yes, she's a pretty, cutie relaxed
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