AbbyWinters Anahi and Candice D Lesbian - 2 April 2021 (1080p/photo)

2-04-2021, 16:33
AbbyWinters Anahi and Candice D Lesbian
AbbyWinters Anahi and Candice D Lesbian / Girl Girl Labia licking Anahi & Candice D - 2 April 2021 (1080p/photo)
Raven-haired Anahi has some bright red rope and lots of sexy ideas about how she and Candice can have fun with it. The girls look at each other with sparkling eyes as Anahi binds Candice’s wrists, bends her over and hikes up her dress to reveal her perfect bum in thong panties. Then it’s Anahi’s turn to have her arms tied up, as Candice strips off her skirt and sweater, Anahi’s hard nipples under her tight bra revealing how excited she’s getting. From there, gentle caresses and deep kisses flow naturally into passionate sex.
AbbyWinters Anahi and Candice D Lesbian AbbyWinters Anahi and Candice D Lesbian AbbyWinters Anahi and Candice D Lesbian
Anahi starts by tugging Candice’s lacy panties to the side and lapping into her smooth pink vulva, while looking up to share intimate eye contact. Candice then drapes the rope over Anahi’s large breasts before nestling her face between her legs, and Anahi closes her eyes to focus on how good her friend’s warm tongue feels on her hairy pussy. The girls share bright smiles as they experiment with face sitting, vigorous tribbing and more sensual oral, until they curl up side-by-side with their arms around each other, exhausted and happy.
AbbyWinters Anahi and Candice D Lesbian AbbyWinters Anahi and Candice D Lesbian
Lovable Argentinian Anahi returns for her first Abby Winters shoot in nearly six years, and she picks up where she left off: forming sweet connections with her fellow models. Both she and eager newcomer Candice adore passionate kisses and get extremely aroused pushing their tongues into each other’s mouths, while enjoying light bondage. “I love your soft lips!” Candice sighs, as Anahi gently binds her hands and pulls up her dress, rubbing the rope between her legs over her lacy panties. The friction makes Candice moan, and her cries get more intense when Anahi goes down on her, building to a blissful climax. Candice then ties up Anahi, who exclaims “you learn really fast!”. “Of course!”, she replies with a grin, squeezing Anahi's large breasts and tugging her meaty labia free from her silky panties. Candice rubs Anahi to a powerful orgasm. making her whole body shudder with ecstasy, but Candice isn’t done and bends her over the couch. “I think I want to eat it up!” she giggles before lovingly licking and sucking Anahi’s hairy pussy, bringing on another wave of pleasure. After some mutual masturbation (“I like that we have the same rhythm!” Candice moans), Anahi opens Candice’s legs and licks her smooth vulva for the final orgasm. Snuggling in a tender embrace, the girls cool down with more deep tongue kisses.
AbbyWinters Anahi and Candice D Lesbian

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ComfortZone 3 April 2021 11:58
Thank you for the Abby Winters update. Great to see Anahi returned for some hot action. Hopefully their will be more classic Abby Winters girls who will return. I have a shortlist smile stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye innocent
Irishka 3 April 2021 12:27
smile laughing smile
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