AbbyWinters Flo Solo - 6 April 2021 (1080p/photo)

6-04-2021, 17:51
AbbyWinters Flo Solo
AbbyWinters Flo Solo - 6 April 2021 (1080p/photo)
Sporty German Flo looks ready for the gym in her workout gear, which shows off her toned arms and flat tummy. However, she has everything she needs for a fun day of exercise in her home, starting with a resistance band that she uses to stretch the muscles in her arms and legs. Her striking grey eyes glow as she pulls down her shorts and reveals a bouncy round bum and a full bush visible through her transparent panties. Then she unties her sports bra and tugs it down to show us her small breasts with a warm smile.
AbbyWinters Flo Solo AbbyWinters Flo Solo AbbyWinters Flo Solo
Masturbation is one of the most enjoyable ways to burn some calories, and Flo eagerly settles in on her bed and starts stroking her meaty labia. From there, she adds in a glass dildo and comes up with lots of creative ways to maximise her pleasure. She does some leg stretches with the band while taking the toy deep inside, then picks up a rubber ball with her bare feet while giggling. For the grand finale, she pleasures herself in her sex swing, looking like sexual superhero pushing the fingers of both hands into her pussy while suspended high in the air!
AbbyWinters Flo Solo AbbyWinters Flo Solo
Flo’s toned figure hints that she loves being active, and she confirms that by listing her athletic pursuits, which include swimming, aerobics, basketball and snowboarding. Her velour sports bra and tight shorts provide an excellent view of her fit body, but she happily slips them off to show us more. “One of my favorite body parts for sure is my butt, because it’s so squishy and round and quite prominent,” she explains while gently squeezing it. Fully nude, she caresses her bare feet and confesses that she adores having them worshipped and giving footjobs. Relaxing on the bed, Flo discusses her love of online dating, which lets her meet female partners without awkwardly wondering if they’re into girls. “I’m a little obsessed with pussies!” she giggles. “I’ve met quite a few and there was never one I didn’t like.” Stroking her own fleshy vulva, she shares that she refrained from masturbating for three days to heighten the sensation of doing it on camera. She touches herself while suspended in her sex swing, then lays down to use a glass dildo that gets very creamy as she reaches a powerful orgasm. “That was much more intense than I expected,” she sighs, sucking her wet fingers.
AbbyWinters Flo Solo

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ComfortZone 7 April 2021 22:33
Thank you for the Abby Winters update. Looks very interesting.
ComfortZone 18 April 2021 23:08
She has really a nice lovely round bum stuck_out_tongue heart_eyes
Irishka 18 April 2021 23:47
Yes, gorgeous ass heart_eyes
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