AbbyWinters Ophelia D and Zhen Lesbian - 9 April 2021 (1080p/photo)

9-04-2021, 16:29
AbbyWinters Ophelia D and Zhen Lesbian
AbbyWinters Ophelia D and Zhen Lesbian / Girl Girl Deeply inserting fingers Ophelia D & Zhen - 9 April 2021 (1080p/photo)
Zhen is excited to make a dress for Ophelia, and she needs to take careful measurements of every part of her body. She stretches the measuring tape across Ophelia’s breasts in her tank top, and around her hips in her tight miniskirt, but when their eyes meet, they both realise the readings will be much more accurate without clothes. Dazzled by Ophelia’s beautiful naked curves, Zhen forgets all about the project and excitedly tugs her friend’s panties to the side and goes down on her, as Ophelia watches with a delighted smile.
AbbyWinters Ophelia D and Zhen Lesbian AbbyWinters Ophelia D and Zhen Lesbian AbbyWinters Ophelia D and Zhen Lesbian
Zhen is still fully dressed, but Ophelia quickly rectifies that, tearing off all of her clothes and bending her over a chair, to lovingly lap into her smooth shaved pussy. Ophelia then takes charge to stand astride Zhen’s face, so she can be licked and fingered deeply. Her giggles turn into happy moans. The girls decide to share their pleasure and indulge in back-to-back rounds, of mutual masturbation, to finish. Zhen, first impressively rubs both Ophelia’s pussy and her own, to simultaneous orgasms, then they snuggle together to stroke each other, celebrating their joint climax with a sweet kiss, at the moment of release.
AbbyWinters Ophelia D and Zhen Lesbian AbbyWinters Ophelia D and Zhen Lesbian
nterracial couple Ophelia and Zhen are ready for a fun day, with Zhen planning to design a new dress for Ophelia. “You’re going to look so pretty!” Zhen exclaims, as she starts measuring her friend’s figure. But once Zhen caresses Ophelia’s chest and unzips her skirt, to squeeze her perfect bottom in her thong panties, it becomes clear that no sewing is going to get done. The girls find each other irresistible and share deep kisses that flow into tender lovemaking. Ophelia looks overjoyed as she watches Zhen suck and rub her meaty labia, and a bright smile lights up her face, as she reaches orgasm. "Oh, I love your fingers!" she sighs, as Zhen lovingly pats her satisfied clit. The girls are on the same sexual wavelength and many of the orgasms they experience arrive at the same time. They squeeze each other’s breasts and make steamy eye contact, while tribbing to a shared climax. Then, they curl up to passionately stroke each other’s pussies, until they cry out together in ecstasy. Gently kissing in the afterglow, Zhen asks, "Do you want to come tomorrow for another dress?" "Twice!" Ophelia giggles.
AbbyWinters Ophelia D and Zhen Lesbian

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ComfortZone 10 April 2021 20:40
Thank you for the Abby Winters update. Zhen is hot but Ophelia is mindblowing.
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