AbbyWinters Anahi Solo - 20 May 2021 (1080p/photo)

22-05-2021, 17:05
AbbyWinters Anahi Solo
AbbyWinters Anahi Solo / Nude Girls Light bondage Anahi - 20 May 2021 (1080p/photo)
As Anahi leans over while going through her record collection, she flashes an inviting grin while her cleavage is visible down her top. One her nipples slips out, so she starts getting undressed, revealing her full breasts adorned with little nipples. Her bright eyes sparkle as she tugs at the waistband of her panties, giving a peek at her fuzzy pubic hair, and lets them drop around her ankles.
AbbyWinters Anahi Solo AbbyWinters Anahi Solo AbbyWinters Anahi Solo
Spreading her legs and relaxing on the couch, Anahi admires her pussy in a mirror, then plays with the keys and dials on her synthesizer. She drapes her naked body with the power cords from the instrument, using them to tie up and bounce her breasts. After doing some stretches and showing off her meaty labia with a warm smile, Anahi plays with her clothes. Wearing her top around her hips, she uses the shoulder straps to pull up her bum, while casting a cheeky look over her shoulder.
AbbyWinters Anahi Solo AbbyWinters Anahi Solo
Wearing a tight green bustier that hugs her voluptuous curves, Anahi discusses her passion for music. She sang in a punk band as a teenager and plays the synths today. She explains that the adrenaline of being onstage helped give her the confidence to do nude modelling. Stripping down to her frilly panties decorated with lemons, Anahi does some stretches that make her large breasts sway and bounce. "One strong role model I have is Lady Gaga,” she reveals, lying naked on the couch. In addition to being an admirer of Gaga’s creativity and independence, Anahi also bears a striking resemblance to her. Anahi brings out her synthesizer and talks about the fun sounds it can make. Then she wraps her body in the cords, teasing her little nipples with the plug, and tangling the wires around her bare thighs. Sitting up with her legs wide open, she gazes at her fleshy vulva in a makeup mirror. Anahi explains that she used to be self-conscious about it, until she began having sex with women. "When my friends started telling me how pretty my pussy was, I started to feel more confident,” she shares with a smile. "Now I really like it!” Anahi then gives us some intimate closeup views between her legs, while she exercises.
AbbyWinters Anahi Solo

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ComfortZone 22 May 2021 23:28
Thank you for the classic Anahi in the newest Abby Winters update.
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