AbbyWinters Delfine - Intimate Moments - 10 January 2022 (1080p)

10-01-2022, 18:00
AbbyWinters Delfine - Intimate Moments
AbbyWinters Delfine - Intimate Moments - 10 January 2022 (1080p)
Clad only in a leotard that draws our eyes to her long legs, Delifine awakens from a nap and checks her clock, happily discovering she has enough time to enjoy herself before facing the rest of the day. She traces circles on her nipples, then tugs down her top to reveal her pert breasts, as one hand drifts between her thighs. Reaching down to undo the buttons at her crotch, with a satisfying pop, she slips off the one-piece outfit and settles into a comfy pillow, to lovingly stroke her pussy. Delfine nestles her hand into her neatly-trimmed patch of pubic hair, rubbing with skilled fingers that make her dangling labia bounce. Her brow furrows in concentration under her stylish fringe haircut, and her mouth drops open, as her breathing gets heavier. When her orgasm arrives, she cries out and shudders with release, but her busy hand doesn't stray from her clit. Delfine knows her body and desires so well, that it takes her two minutes to masturbate to a second blissful climax, and then a third. With a satisfied smile, she spreads her vulva and admires the glistening pinkness inside.
AbbyWinters Delfine - Intimate Moments

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