Ersties Lia Masturbates - 5 May 2019 (1080p/photo)

10-05-2019, 07:25
Lia is not newbie here at Ersties but this shoot is her first time solo! The humorous and fun-loving girl is ready to show us her favourite masturbation skills. If you have a sense for aesthetics, then you are welcome to watch Lia’s finger do the magic!
Ersties Lia Masturbation

“It turns me on when people have a beautiful smile”
Well, we can certainly agree because Lia, with her gorgeous face, has the cutest smile ever! No wonder girls and boys are under her charm. She is funny, likes to chat a lot and knows what she wants! And if there is a boyfriend, that shares all your fetishes and preferences, too… it is like a winning in the sex-lottery! Either a threesome with another guy, role plays or just watching her partner fucking someone else – Lia is living the dream! This girl from Magdeburg is a passionate theatre patron and today the curtain rings down just for her!
Ersties Lia Masturbation

The Girl with the perfect Sex Life
Whether with a girl, a boy, a threesome or all together with her boyfriend – pretty Lia loves sex! It’s the variety and amount that is important. Good for her that she found a boyfriend who thinks the same. Sounds like an ideal open relationship to us! Although she prefers to watch others fucking, today it is all about her!
Ersties Lia Masturbation

It’s not what you do, but how you do it!
Masturbating-queen Lia in action! And when we say queen, we mean a stunning body adorned with jewellery that moves majestically to her every touch. Make sure to turn the sound up loud (just like Lia does) and we can assure you will get the full Ersties experience!
Ersties Lia Masturbation

The Charm of Anal Plugs
It is not a secret that sweetie Lia is really into anal sex. This time it is her first solo shoot at Ersties, so she brought her favourite anal plug along for the day! A sparkling one, that makes looking at her fully shaved pussy and ass even better.
Ersties Lia Masturbation

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