Ersties Sloan Intimate Moments - 4 July 2019 (1080p/photo)

5-07-2019, 17:14
Are you ready for a gorgeous, outdoor sex loving, hairy girl called Sloan? Then you’re going to love today’s Intimate Moment with the cute & confident Canadian that is sure to take your breath away!
Ersties Sloan Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Sloan
Getting to know new girls from around the world that want to be part our Intimate Moments series is something we love doing. When we heard from 22-year-old Candian Sloan and watched her very intimate and naughty shoot we were blown away! As a freelance photographer she has a lot of clients and mostly they want to be shot naked. With an open mind and positive sexual outlook, Sloan loves to be part of other people’s enjoyment of their sexuality. Group sex, outdoor sex and sex parties (and everything you can think of) are what this naughty Canadian is into. For today’s Intimate Moment Sloan doesn’t leave anything to the imagination… proud of her natural hairy body, you can tell that she is having the most fun and wants to share it with you!
Ersties Sloan Intimate Moments
Ersties Sloan Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Cute, Curious and Confident
Sloan is an experimental, sexually open and natural girl who loves to embrace life to the full. Shooting for Ersties is just another sexual adventure that she needs to have! Canadian Sloan is confident – in her look, her appearance, her opinions and about her sexuality. She wants it all and is excited to be very intimate with you today. From playing shy to new perspectives and deep penetration, we’ve got you covered whatever you’re into!
Ersties Sloan Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: All Natural Naughtiness
Part two of Sloan’s Intimate Moment illustrates one of her best abilities. When playing with her favourite sex toys, the cute Canadian is in her element. A vibrator from behind, a purple dildo from the front…and her silver shining metallic dildo to give her an amazing orgasm! Turn up the volume for the wettest noises gorgeous Sloan has to offer. This shoot is not just for your eyes only!
Ersties Sloan Intimate Moments

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